What's the best audio deal out there?

Readers often complain that high-end audio products are priced too high for the typical enthusiast to afford. But good audiophile gear does exist. In your opinion, what's the best audio deal out there?

What's the best audio deal out there?
Here it is
89% (68 votes)
Can't think of one
11% (8 votes)
Total votes: 76

Jens's picture

Gallo Reference 3

Bobby's picture

Jolida 1701a and epos ELS3 Loudspeakers. The Jolida is a tube/solid state hybrid and it was beautiful when i replaced the late 90s pioneer receiver. its heavy, solid, and all function. Im talking on/off selector and volume, thats it. Its got a nice full metal jacket too.

audio-sleuth's picture

Joseph Audio speakers and Rega turntables with Dynavector carts. I've spent more and gotten less.

Sean Heath's picture

Magnepan 1.6QR

rubens@talent.com.br's picture

halcro, wa x2, digital burmester, cabos shunyta

Santiago Fandi's picture

A powerful PC, with Wavelab from Steinberg and a Linx PCi soundcard is one of the best audio playback system you can have. Besides you can equalize your room and speakers and process your music any way you want. Check it, it's far cheaper than most high end systems. Many records you hear are mastered with these.

Dan Ratliff's picture

NAD electronics are among the best for quality/price ratio. Maybe you won't get all the "micro dynamics," but you will get the essence of the music.

David Bozzo's picture

Others may not share my opinion, but I'm very pleased with Denon products. I just got a Denon AVR 1705 receiver and I am very pleased with the fidelity and the features for adapting my Mirage Nanosat system to it with nearly seamless results. Are there some things I would change? Sure, but let's remember that for the Dollar spent, the most important thing is sound quality and in this case, budget priced equipment does not have to sound cheap.

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Harman Kardon HD970

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