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what's best amp for 800$ - 2000$

That is a GREAT price range, U should get a wide choice.

I certainly have not heard every amp in that price range, so cant badge a "BEST"

You have not indicated which speakers you are using.... are they efficient ?

Do they need to me "tamed" ? If yes, then an audition, preferably in your home is a MUST.

I would generally recommend the Prima Luna 2. It offers all that U are looking for plus Oodles of ambience and soundstaging.

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Re: what's best amp for 800$ - 2000$

I think the best amp value out there is to buy a Bryston 3bst or 4bst from EBAY ,because of its sound and also its 20 year warranty. Even used,youll have years left on the warranty,and its transferrable.
The 3bst sold for about $1600 to $1700us. Now that the SST series it out there,the prices dropped and ive seen alot of 3bst amps sell for $400-$500, and 4bst selling for $800-$1200us. Thats an awesome deal on an amp to me!


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