What is your pick for new album of 2009?

Distribution and format chaos may reign, but the music prevails. What is your pick for <I>new</I> album of 2009 (no reissues please)?

What is your pick for <I>new</I> album of 2009?
Here it is
83% (63 votes)
Don't have one
17% (13 votes)
Total votes: 76

Daniel's picture

The Leisure Society: The Sleeper/Product of the Ego Drain. Good songs, well performed, nice arrangements, intelligent lyrics, and a sense of humor—what's not to like? Mind you, the Muppets' version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" deserves an honorable mention!

Nathan's picture

Alasdair Roberts: Spoils

Matt's picture

Black Clouds and Silver Linings by Dream Theater. This collection of incredible musicians does it again!

Tim K's picture

Porcupine Tree: The Incident

Neil D.'s picture

I didn't see too many albums with the 2009 date on the cover this year—however, let's say Alexandre Tharaud playing the music of Eric Satie.

Matt's picture

Kasey Chambers: Rattlin' Bones

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Melody Gardot: My One and Only Thrill. Perhaps too close-miked for audiophiles, but she writes her own songs and they all seem like old classic jazz.

CMann's picture

Sarah Jarosz: Song Up In Her Head

Patrick's picture

Kanye West: 808s and Heartbreaks. One of the most on-point, insightful, and personal rap albums since The Eminem Show. Plus, the deep bass drum beats sound amazing on a properly set up system.

Sal's picture

The Dead Weather: Horehound. Jack White is marvelous!

Phil's picture

Rosanne Cash: The List

Paul B.'s picture

Mew: No More Stories

JS, SF's picture

Future of the Left: Travels With Myself and Another

Jed's picture

Shirley Bassey: The Performance

rpeluso's picture

Harper Simon—hands down great.

Paul RS, UK's picture

Melody Gardot: My One and Only Thrill

DG's picture

The initial-release double-vinyl RTI pressing of Sonic Youth's The Eternal, with the download certificates and the extra Live in Battery Park LP, and the artwork. There were lots of close seconds, but that one won the prize here.

xanthia01@gmail.com's picture

Drivel, drivel, drivel. The same stuff, rehashed. The wheel keeps turning, but we go nowhere. Some years are different, but this year nothing stands out.

fabio's picture

Muse: The Resistance. The vinyl actually sounds good.

John's picture

Fever Ray: Fever Ray

miles's picture

The Flaming Lips: Embryonic

Pete's picture

Sonic Youth's The Eternal.

D.A.B., Pacific Palisades, CA.'s picture

No Line On the Horizon by U2.

Juan Hitters, Buenos Aires's picture

My One and Only Thrill by Melody Gardot.

Bob D's picture

My pick: fun's Aim & Ignite (ournameisfun.com).

Simon's picture

La Ballade of Lady & Bird—a project by Keren Ann Zeidel and Bardi Johannsson with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. Pop music meets Tim Burton on a snowy winter night up north. Dark and beautiful. Pure brilliance!

Stephen Scharf's picture

That's easy, Melody Gardot's My One and Only Thrill.

M.'s picture

Tortoise: Beacons of Ancestorship. More electronics than usual, but still that krautrock-inspired sound that has become Tortoise's hallmark.

Jim M's picture

Fiona Joy Hawkins: Blue Dreams

David Weuste's picture

Joel Fan: West of the Sun: Music of the Americas from Reference Recordings.