What is your primary digital front end?

What is your <I>primary</I> digital front end?
CD player
34% (188 votes)
Hi-rez disc player
11% (63 votes)
5% (27 votes)
Music Server (computer-based)
36% (198 votes)
Music Server (dedicated: Sooloos, Sonos, etc.)
10% (55 votes)
3% (18 votes)
Total votes: 549

Reader Charlie S. wonders what you use for digital music these days? What is your <I>primary</I> digital front end?

Rob's picture

High-end transport and DAC.

Erik Bobeda's picture

I store all my music on a 320GB external drive in Apple Lossless. I use my iMac G5 and iTunes to stream it to an Airport Express, which is connected via optical cable to an Audio Alchemy DDE v1.2 DAC/PS3 power supply. Future upgrades? I'd like to add a 1TB internal drive and lose the external, which is a stop-gap. I lust after the new Squeezebox Duet, but can neither justify nor afford it. Besides, what the AirTunes interface lacks in listening chair convenience, it makes up for socially. When friends come to visit with their laptops, they can connect to my stereo and play their music. This is pretty cool, and impressed even my iPhone-carrying, early adopter friend. I barely use my CD player anymore, and any major system upgrades in the future will almost certainly not include a disc spinner.

buelligan's picture

Slim SB3, Mu-Fi X-DACv3

Anders's picture

Slimdevices Transporter

Eduardo G's picture

There is huge CD catalog, SACD lacks wide genre music offerings, so I stick with CD. P.D. I am alse eyeing a server likes Olive´s Opus 4 or forthcoming player from PS Audio as a second player.