What is your favorite greatest hits compilation?

What is your favorite greatest hits compilation?
Here it is
81% (55 votes)
What, you've got to be kidding!
19% (13 votes)
Total votes: 68

Reader Mike Molinaro asks: "Although not 'Audiophile Approved' or PC, what is your favorite greatest hits compilation?"

R.  Stewart's picture

Cow Fingers And Mosquito Pie by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

OvenMaster's picture

A 1973 CD-4 QuadraDisc LP:"The Best Of The Doors. Elektra EQ-5035

G.C.  Van Winkle's picture

1 by the Beatles.

xanthia01@gmail.com's picture

They're called playlists on my music server. Itold you that thing has changed the way I listen to music.

Dave Bennett's picture

Buzzcocks: Singles Going Steady.

jack's picture

Either the David Bowie Sound + Vision box set or the Slade Box boxset, both well done and great music.

EP's picture

The Beatles: 1

L.  Britja, La Jolla, CA's picture

I lost count of how many "greatest hits" compilations the Doors, god bless them, have out. All the compilations are very nicely packaged and marketed, but it's the same music! if you enjoy an artist's music, then show it by buying their albums instead of buying compilations, ad nauseam.

Mark L.'s picture

Currently, Love by the Beatles is my favorite.

Pavle's picture

The Best of Prefab Sprout: A Life of Surprises

rvance's picture

If so, it has to be Pet Shop Boys' Discography: The Complete Singles Collection.

es347's picture

Dolly Parton's Greatest Hits.

M Purdue's picture

Steppenwolf: All Time Greatest Hits (MCA ASIN: B00003002E). The songs are remastered and "enhanced". Whatever, everything on this sounds better than ever.

Tom's picture

Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits

Mark's picture

Tom Jones: Golden Hits. No, really. It's a fun CD. Otherwise, the best compilations are the ones I make myself

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

Warm in Your Coat by Romeo Void. Covered the basics of a band that didn't put out that many albums, but what they did was great.

TL's picture

Private Collection 1979-1988 by Cliff Richard. The Best of OMD by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. The Best of Howard Jones. Fleetwood Mac and Rumours on a single cassette. I have too many favorites, but these remind me of how and when I started to fall in love with the western pop and rock music in my early twenties in China.

Mike's picture

Thats easy, Faith No More's Who Cares a Lot? The Greatest Hits.

Akira Tagaya's picture

Frank Zappa: Have I Offended Someone?

Ron Ramsey's picture

Elmore Leonard was asked about his success: "I just leave out all the stuff people would skip over." In the CD era, greatest hits compilations are the greatest invention since grass-fed beef. 80 minutes—no fat, no gristle—best of the bestest high-quality protein. I've collected dozens. Two faves: Alice Coltrane—The Impulse Story. And Mozart On The Menu.

Sal's picture

Squeeze: Singles

Carter's picture

The Very Best of Doctor Demento

scotto's picture

Neil Young's Decade

Guynextdoor's picture

Japan: Oil On Canvas

Mike Colvin's picture

Steely Dan: Decade

BILL CRANE's picture

The Beatles 1.