What is your favorite demo disc?

What is your favorite demo disc?
Here it is:
83% (133 votes)
I don't do demos.
17% (28 votes)
Total votes: 161

When your pals come over to hear your audio system, what do you pull out to impress them?

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Eagles - Hell Freezes Over

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How can there be just one?

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The Real Me from Quadrophenia by The Who

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Dire Straits, "Love Over Gold"; Pink Floyd, "The Wall"; Varsovia String Quartet: Szymanowski.

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The Japanese HDCD version of Byran Ferry's "The Bride Stripped Bare"

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I have a couple:Dire Straits,On Every Street and the soundtrack of One Fine Day.

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For whatever reason I'm not sure, but the disc that grabs the most attention is the Notting Hillbillies' "Missing, Presumed Having a Good Time." Maybe all of my friends are die-hard Mark Knopfler fans?

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I don't usually begin with "demo" records. I first play what the pals want to listen to, or they even bring their own CDs or LPs. So they can much better have an idea about my system's abilities vs. theirs. Only when they get accustomed do I eventually play my records, to "finalize" the listening session. I often play Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon," Stan Getz, Jethro Tull's "Aqualung," and Supertramp's "Crime of the Century" (all MFSL LPs); The Beatles' "Anthology," 1-3, on LP; some old direct-cut Charly Antolini (drummer); and so on. We generally spend 1-3 hours listening: first songs for evaluating the system, the next ones only for the pleasure.

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Dave's True Story, "Sex Without Bodies," Chesky 24/96 DVD.

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seven (the shooting by the door scene), top gun (the opening secuence on the carrier deck for action and music combined)

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Nordic Sampler, Vol.1, North Side Records. Incredible sonics and music.

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. . . but I really like Teri Garrison's CD, put out by Vandersteen several years ago, as well as "Vivaldi for Diverse Instruments" on Reference Recordings.

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Growing up in Holywood Town - Sheffield Lab (Vinyl)

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It's a toss-up: "Unchained" by Johnny Cash or DCC's "Nat King Cole's Greatest Hits." Either one puts every listener in touch with what this weirdo hobby is really about: good ol'-fashioned, honest-to-goodness, toe-tappin', head bobbin', smile-crackin' music.

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Thelma Houston and Pressure Cooker, one of the first (I think) Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab direct-to-disc LPs. Absolutely outstanding music and sound, even when played on my Planar 3 (with a Benz Micro Silver). People listen and say, "Wow, I never knew a record could sound like that."

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I ask them to bring their own LPs, CDs, cassettes, and DATs. That's the only way they can evaluate it. They can finally hear all the details they've been missing with their current system.

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Mercury's Stravinsky "Firebird" with Antal Dorati and LSO, especially the vinyl disc.

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If I want to impress them with a wide and deep soundstage, "Misa Criolla." If I want to show off my subs, Micky Hart or O.M.D. or Patrick O'Hearn. If I want to show off speed and accuracy, "Friday Night in San Francisco" does it every time.

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It changes too frequently. This year I have been going through my entire collection, one disc after another. I've found many great recordings. Mostly it's the music that grabs me, and sometimes I notice that the system and the software let me hear more in the recording.

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Roger Waters, "Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking," on vinyl. Harry Conick, Jr., "She."

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I let the system speak for itself by using material they bring over or pick from my library. It doesn't make sense to put on Beethoven if they all they listen to is "The Offspring."

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Boredom's "Pop Tatari"

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Reference Recordings' first sampler disc

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my equipement.... anything!!

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Usually...Basia: The Sweetest Illusion on Epic label 1994. This girl can SING!!!!

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Chesky Records: Ultimate Demonstration Disc

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Rusted Root, "When I Woke"; Willie Nelson, "Teatro"; Paul Simon, "The Rhythm of the Saints."