What is your favorite demo disc?

What is your favorite demo disc?
Here it is:
83% (133 votes)
I don't do demos.
17% (28 votes)
Total votes: 161

When your pals come over to hear your audio system, what do you pull out to impress them?

Michael E.'s picture

Eagles, "Hell Freezes Over"; James Taylor, "Hour Glass"; Burmester reference disc; Dixie Chicks, "Wide Open Spaces"; Beatles, "Yellow Submarine"; and Celine Dion, "Let's Talk About Love."

David Seville's picture

Alvin and the Chipmunks. Great tweeter workout . . .

Stephen's picture

DTS Demo DVD #3 or #4. Both these sampler dvd's contain outstanding movie clips and music!

Ed Strnad's picture

Currently I play "Squirrel Nut Zippers." It sounds so "live" and present, like they really are right in your room!

Gnarly G.'s picture

Megadeath, "Cryptic Writings." Nothin' better than Heavy Metal in HDCD!

Federico Cribiore's picture

Latin Playboys

Stephen Sweigart's picture

Whatever they like! My favorite Bruckner 8th, with Karajan (1989, DG).

Steve Hubbs's picture

1) Jim Hall and Pat Metheny, self-titled; 2) Rachelle Farrell, self-titled; 3) virtually any Diana Krall

Anonymous's picture

Youssou Ndour's "Eyes Open" and Baaba Maal's "Lam Toro". Talk about percussion,bass, and miscellaneous instruments that exploit the audio bandwidth. These CDs will rock "bassheads". For those who enjoy the classics, Mahler's 3rd by Salonen or Mahler's 6th by Boulez will expose brawn and delicacy(the titilating stuff).

Tim's picture

I put in anything HDCD. Everyone's mouths hit the ground. Put in Beck's "Mutations," close your eyes, and you would think he was playing in front of you.

Todd Monroe's picture

Akira Jimbo, "Lime Pie"

Craig Copeland's picture

The Ultimate Demonstration Disc, Chesky Records; followed closely by Stereophile's "Test CD 3," and the last biggie: "Time Warp"

David Gray's picture

Whatever they bring over.

Art Kayick's picture

The Golden Age Of Wireless by Thomas Dolby.

C.  Simon's picture

LPs . . . Being 25 years old, virtually any of my friends who listen to vinyl on my system with music they are familiar with (rock) cannot believe the difference vis-a-vis CD. I look forward to the demo every time!

Ren's picture

I usually play the music I play for my own pleasure at that given time unless someone bring new music. My system is there to serve the music not the other way around.

Mike Molinaro's picture

Buddy Holly, MCA Heavy Vinyl. What great music!

Hasse Jerresand, Sweden's picture

Frank Zappa, "The Yellow Shark." This disc has everything: a huge sense of space and depth, and the "slam" is impressive.

Kjetil Torgeirsen's picture

Jennifer Warnes, "Famous Blue Raincoat"

Dr.  Chuck's picture

Any Steve Tibbetts LP in a German ECM pressing.

Audio Hermit's picture

Being a "stereo"-typical audiophile, I have no pals to demo to!

Glynn Wilson's picture

Nick Lowe's "The Impossible Bird." First and most important, I love this album. It ranges from simple vocals and guitar to nice rock mixes, and really sounds great on my system. Living in an apartment and using a relatively low-powered tube system means I really cannot put on sonic blockbusters, so I am reveling in the purity of vocals I now hear.

Art Altman's picture

Here's to Ben by Jacintha (45rpm version)

Rodney Gold's picture

ANYTHING that has been recorded decently.

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Harvey Nyien's picture

1) Three Blind Mice recordings. 2) Camille Saint-Sa

Richard Bird's picture

Belfonte Sings the Blues on LP

John Lum's picture

Various Artists: "Living in Oblivion," Volume 5

Allen Nakamura's picture

If you want to spook out a jaded audiophile, pull out Paul McCartney's "Flaming Pie" CD and play "Little Willow." The sweet sound of acoustic picking followed by a haunting, closely miked vocal by Paul is simply unnerving. It truly feels like the ex-Beatle is performing just for you in your listening room. A very effective demo that is not only sonically impressive, but of great artistic merit as well. (The entire album is strong from top to bottom. One of Paul's bluesier efforts in the 1990s.) It sure beats zooming jet planes!!!

Dr.  Decibel's picture

Donald Fagen, "The Nightfly"