What is your favorite bookshelf speaker?

What is your favorite bookshelf speaker?
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It's easy for an audiophile to fall in love with grand, state-of-the-art speakers, but when it comes to high performance in a small space, fewer jewels stand out. Reader Gus Kund wants to know: What is your favorite bookshelf speaker?

Brett Rogers's picture

Dynaudio Focus 140.

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I actually have three pairs of bookshelf speakers which I use in secondary systems. I have two sets of Paradigm Atoms; one pair of the original version and one of the V3 version. I also have a pair of Polk RT25Is. All of these speakers are driven by cheap stereo receivers but they all sound great in their own way. The Polks have a very revealing midrange but sound constricted in the low end. The old Atoms are very warm, relaxed and musical. The new Atoms are perhaps more accurate than the old ones but are not as musical. Most audiophiles would probably prefer the Polks, but my favorite is the original version of the Atom.

Steve Knoll's picture

ProAc Tablette Reference 8 signatures.

David Mochuk's picture

JM Labs/Focal Chorus 705. Tube friendly at 91db efficiency. Great highs from that wonderful tweeter. Tight and controlled, if somewhat limited bass. Decently finished for the price. The new Chorus series looks even better, even if its style is a bit quirky.

Paul Basinski's picture

Spendor LS3/5A. Mids as good as I've heard in a mini, and I've heard many a mini. Won't play loud, images seems small, but so real.

Dinyar's picture

Sonus Fabor Extremas.

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Dynaudio Contour S1.4 is a lovely speaker.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

MBL 311E. What can I say? A black diamond with all attributes a music lover and audiophile could care for.

Anonymous's picture

Quad 12L2

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Totem Model lB. Just wonderful.

Rollo Tomasio's picture

DTR Mexico 22. Isn't the greatest joy of audiophileness finding small, cheap speakers that sound great? $400 speakers that blow away $45,000 behemoths?

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Although I am staring right at a pair of B & W 805s (they're bookshelf speakers, aren't they), I'd have to go with a pair of Dynaudio Special 25s.

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Paradigm Atom.

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Spica TC-50.

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I'm in love with electrostatics, so any cone speaker seems like a "bookshelf" speaker. ProAcs are great, but can I say some of the smaller designs from Audio Physic stand out?

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The Infinity Primus 150. It is a hell of a lot of speaker for the money when it comes to general performance.

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EPOS ELS 3 Very neutral sounding speaker.

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Spica TC-60

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Monitor Audio RS1.

Andrew's picture

Spendor S3e.

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Polk bookshelf speakers are the only ones I have ever owned. That makes my opinion not worth very much.

Skootch Bowers's picture

Sonus Faber Electa Amator IIs. One of the few components that regularly give me one of those "audio moments" when it becomes an emotional event. They also are beautiful furniture.

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Wilson Audio Duette.

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Dynaudio Special 25.

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The Allison cube, model 4? With an Allison electronic sub. Probably with a xover upgrade, film caps, coils? and R's. Taking you at your word about it being on a shelf on a wall. Have not heard Heybrook HB1, Linn Sara. If you meant, 'big enough to need big strong stands' AKA ~ AR3 size ~? Spendor's SP1 series, Yamaha NS1000M's.

Jordan's picture

PSB Platinum M2.

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Infinity Primus 160

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Allison Fours.