What is your choice for best new audio product of 2005?

The year is drawing to a close and once again we've seen many great audio products released. What is your choice for best new audio product of the year 2005?

What is your choice for best new audio product of 2005?
Here it is
69% (43 votes)
Don't have one
31% (19 votes)
Total votes: 62

Bob Lewis's picture

Whatever it would be, I can not afford it anyway so I don't care anymore. I spent my last $$$ on a BMW motorcycle and you assholes with your cell phones try to kill me daily.

R.Durband's picture

Nuforce 9 power amp.

Adrian Legg's picture

The monster cable MPA 2250 and MPA 3250 (power amps).

Ian Murray's picture

Dartzeel NHB One The best power amp ever coupled with Audio Research Ref 3 Preamp.

Valvaholic's picture

My vote goes to the Foreplay III preamplifier from Bottlehead Corp. You have to assemble it yourself, bringing back memories of Dynakits, but the sound is glorious and the price right. One of the best buys in audio today. (One big advantage of kits for me

Len Moskowitz's picture

NHT's DSP-corrected speakers systems. Why? DSP is finally getting to the price point that the average consumer can consider buying it. Previous DSP products (eg, Meridian, TaCT) were priced too high.

Golanabob's picture

Ayre C-5xe player.

Timothy Harnett's picture

Nuforce Ref 9 amplifiers.

Keith Y's picture

Did Not buy any equipment in 2005!!!

Fred Fue - Richmond BC's picture

Musical Fidelity A5 amp & CD combo ... (driving Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors...just sit back and enjoy the music!)

t r gray's picture

Whest audio phono stage.

Victor Emanoel's picture

Krell KAV-400xi. Affordable, crystal clear sound, and it drives the majority of speakers.

john nyilis's picture

Reimyo digital processor DAP777.

Art Altman's picture

iPod Nano.

Evan Zamir's picture

Slim Devices SqueezeBox3.

BILL CRANE's picture

The Nuforce Ref 9 mono amplifier.

pat vernmette's picture

Moon i5 integrated amp.

William Jacke's picture

Theta Gen VIII.

Jose Santana's picture

B&W 802D Speakers

Allen's picture

Martin Logan Summit by a long margin!