What is your 2009 Product of the Year?

What is your 2009 Product of the Year?
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<I>Stereophile</I> has released its 2009 "Products of the Year" (<A HREF="http://www.stereophile.com/features/istereophileis_products_of_2009/">added to the website last week</A>). The reviewers and editors have made their choices, so what is yours?

pbda's picture

The Sony XDR-F1HD tuner. This analog/HD tuner, available online for as little as $80, boasts superb sensitivity and selectivity and a tremendous analog section. Fantastic out of the box—with inexpensive mods it rivals the sound of the best of the classic-era tuners.

Bans's picture

The Manger MSMc1 from the professional line. Amazing speakers.

m's picture

Linn Radikal. Hard to believe that a new power supply could add so much to the LP12.

Brian Orsetti's picture

Wadia 170 iTransport iPod dock. One of best ways to listen to music. Gives you CD-quality sound from your iPod.

Stephen's picture

Linn Majik DS-I

D.A.B., Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Clearaudio Goldfinger. Exquisite.

Deep's picture

Lost my job this year, so I kept myself away from looking at audiophile products.

Jimmy's picture

It's not a product, per se, yet, but it will be soon—optical scanning of vintage records being conducted at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Once the process is fully developed, implemented, and made available to the audiophiles of this world, your vinyl collection can be preserved forever.

Matt's picture

Ayre KX-R. Now, if I could just afford one!

Max's picture

Linn Majik DS. Digital music done right. Sounds good and works like a charm!

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Philips SHP 8900 headphones. Bargain-priced and really good sound, an easy reccomendation to all non-audiophile friends.

Christopher in CA's picture

Picked up a pair of Hsu Reaserch HB-1s. Fantastic little speakers that have rekindled my passion for vinyl. Got them on Hsu's website for $109 each, $40 less than normal. They basically paid the tax and the shipping. I know that some audiophiles are laughing their asses off at $300/pair speakers, but these are the best-rated "bang-for-the-buck" that I found out there. They are as good as advertised and more.

Stephen Curling's picture

iPod Shuffle: Lossless audio, small, and portable and enough storage for a work-day's worth of music!

Bonzini's picture

VPI Classic Turntable, I hope—'cuz I bought one!

Neil's picture

B&W CM5—excellent monitor speaker.

L.  Solomon's picture

Oppo's Blu-ray player. Comparing its performance to my Lexicon MC12 makes me cry. On CDs and DVDs, letting the Oppo do the D/A converstion beats the Lex hands down.

T Smith's picture

Conrad Johnson Classic SE, I love it!

Vu Hoang Tien's picture

ASR Emitter 2 Exclusive version 2009

Huh?'s picture

The new Camaro.

Nathan Jones's picture

Cambridge Audio DACMagic

Ringo McCartney's picture

The Beatles Remasters

C.  Healthgut, M.D., FACS's picture

Magico M5. Positively breathtaking when paired with associated high-quality ancillary gear.

Gary Press's picture

Oppo BDP-83

Barry, UK's picture

Gotta be the Naim HDX. Looks (and sounds) like the future to me.

sheraton's picture

Shunyata CX Series power cables

Barry Kipperman's picture

Wadia 170 iTransport. Made the iPod a high-quality music source.

jeff's picture

MFW-15. It fills my 5496 cubic foot room quite nicely by itself, but paired with my DIY 15" sub, I get a foundation-rattling experience that only California could beat

Voytek Jarnot's picture

Peachtree Audio Nova. Lovin' it daily!

Will's picture

Naim Uniti

Stephen Scharf's picture

Peachtree Audio Nova