What would you like to nominate as the best audio product released in 1999? Why?

What would you like to nominate as the best audio product released in 1999? Why?
Here it is:
86% (114 votes)
Don't have one
14% (18 votes)
Total votes: 132

For the December issue, <I>Stereophile</I> will be running its "Product of the Year" results. But what would <I>you</I> nominate for best product of 1999?

Andrew Baule's picture

CAD-2A3SE single-ended power amplifier

Edward Miller's picture

Sony SCD-1—A Brave New World. Heard it at a seminar recently, but sadly in short, noncritical listening. Where's DVD-A?

bcurrul@tqos.com's picture

Melos DVT

jeff bennett's picture

Sony SACD-1

Jim Song's picture

The Linn Klimax amplifier. I have never heard an amplifier that makes so much sonic difference throughout the entire system as the Linn Klimaxes. Even my tube-loving friends are thinking of switching, and as for my solid-state buddies, well, they are all trying to figure out how they are going to trade thier reference gear for couple of these. Also one of the best-looking amplifiers around.

Jose Garcia's picture

Sony SACD-1. This product represents the beginning of a new era in digital sound, and at the same time opens the door to new technologies to come.

M's picture

Ayre D-1 player: leading-edge tech that sounds good.

Vance Chiang's picture

The dCS Elgar/Purcell combo, with which existing 16/44.1 standard CDs can be made to sound as good as DVD-A or SACD, while the war rages on . . . Why don't the other digital-equipment manufacturers make CD players or converters that can increase the bit length and upsample current CDs? Wouldn't that be a more attractive option for both manufacturers and consumers alike, while waiting (for how long?) for the winning format to emerge??

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Bose 901 Loudspeaker.. is the best I have hear

W.K.  Foong's picture

YBA Passion

Richard Pogorzala's picture

Dunlavy Athena. This speaker compares to others costing MUCH more!

Noam Ben-Ami's picture

Balanced Audio Technology VK-50se

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arcam alpha 7r

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Sony STR-DB830

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dcs Purcell

Roy Chan's picture

Naim CDX

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sonus faber amati homage

Peter B.  Noerbaek's picture

Montana KAS Loudspeaker, but since I make it I guess my vote dont realy count.

J.L.  Olivier's picture

B&W 802 speakers. Pass X-350 amp.

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