What would be the worst audiophile gift you could imagine?

What would be the <I>worst</I> audiophile gift you could imagine?
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86% (115 votes)
Don't have one
14% (18 votes)
Total votes: 133

Once you've been identified by your family and friends as an audiophile, they might try to give you gifts to support your habit. What would be the <I>worst</I> audiophile gift you could imagine?

Oh no, new digital interface.?'s picture

A CD player. Talk about a dinosaur!

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$6 headphones.

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A gift certificate to the Bose store.

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Any thing from Monster cable!

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A SonicCare electric toothbrush. Don't believe a word of it! This unit has no sonic value at all. If you use it while listening to music, it destroys high frequency clarity. Second choice would be a Seattle Sonics T-shirt. Completely useless except as a dust cover for equipment.

Brent's picture

A BOSE 3-2-1 system.

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A Bose teeshirt.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Any type of CD.

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Definitely a pair of headphones! Says wonders about the sound system.

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A download card.

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Anything with the name Bose on it.

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Anything with the name, Bose, on it...

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Some kind of Bose speaker

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Almost any multimedia speaker system for a computer.

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A 1984 era CD transfer of one of my favorite analog recordings.

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Anything made by BOSE. Anything.

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An iPod or some other player for playing rickety music on the go... I do have an iPod but it would be atrocious to receive it as an audiophile product.

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an MP3 player