What would be the worst audiophile gift you could imagine?

What would be the <I>worst</I> audiophile gift you could imagine?
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Don't have one
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Once you've been identified by your family and friends as an audiophile, they might try to give you gifts to support your habit. What would be the <I>worst</I> audiophile gift you could imagine?

mike eschman's picture

Any McIntosh equipment.

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A high-def. copy of a Tiny Tim album.

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Bose surround speakers.

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Anything that begins with a "B", ends with an "e", and outperforms separate components costing far more! Really though, my extended family wouldn't bat an eye if I spent a small fortune on a car but would positively sh%& if they knew how much my stereo cost. I drive a '94 Subaru but none of them draw the obvious conclusion, and my gem of a mechanic is my favorite component and top audio enabler. I actively keep my family out of the loop by giving them no incentive to get me audio gifts.

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Other than having them pick out music for me it would likely be a pair of Bose speakers. I had to do it—sorry Bose.

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For my birthday, I had wanted some new headphones, because my years-old beyerdynamics were on their last leg. I had planned on looking at the AKG 701s and/or Senn 650s. With nothing but good intentions, she came home with some Bose sound canceling thingys. I softly and kindly explained to her that since exchanging vows, I now drive a minivan with two children, own two floral print sofas, and have a house that smells like a potpourri factory. Even though I love her, If she ever bought me stereo gear again, she'd hear from my lawyer.

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The digitally remastered collection of Zamfir albums.

Boycott Monster Cable's picture

Any thing made by Monster Cable.

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A surround sound system.

Nate's picture

A bookshelf audio system, one of those with lots of plastic and lights that all the retail chains always have blaring.

Mark L.'s picture

A gift card for iTunes and its lo-rez downloads. With eBay, though, any gift can be replaced, albeit not at equal value—even snake oil. I do not consider getting a Bose product an audiophile gift, but I would not return it. I would use it to disprove Bose marketing fiction.

Dimitris Gogas's picture

Hooked on Classics'. Do you remember them? Or something else like that crap.

Eric Shook / 29 / Raleigh, NC's picture

My future ex-wife gave me a noisy box fan for my listening room, so the that tubes wouldn't heat up the room so much. An overall poor choice in physics.

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CDs instead of vinyl.

Bert Cattoor's picture

Anything by Bose. Having to have Bose in my home would be my worst nightmare.

Andrew's picture

iPod dock (built-in speakers)

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The Bose Wave Radio/CD Player.

Bruce in Santa Fe's picture

iPods. They keep trying to give me iPods.

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Anything involving the letters HTIB.

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A complete makeover of your audio system while you are out of town on business.

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Audiophile lingerie. Resonator man brassiere with hand carved mpingo inserts and ruby cabachon faux tone nipples with laser engraved likeness of Jerry Lewis from 1963. Yes, the absolute worst.

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Anything Bose. "How about a lovely wave radio for the kitchen—ooh, it is so good". Suggest covering with a red current glaze and baking with the ham at 440F for 20minutes.

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I dont want a CD/vinyl that I already own for a gift. I have a huge wish list—give me a gift card I will get what I want.

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A $100 gift card for a high-end audio store. It would cost me thousands to spend it.

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A pair of discount Kirkland RCA A/V interconnect, from the Costco!

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Bad sounding cables of any kinds.

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Another motherf******** format war. Or more clueless reviewers hyping multi channel.