What would be the worst audiophile gift you could imagine?

What would be the <I>worst</I> audiophile gift you could imagine?
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86% (115 votes)
Don't have one
14% (18 votes)
Total votes: 133

Once you've been identified by your family and friends as an audiophile, they might try to give you gifts to support your habit. What would be the <I>worst</I> audiophile gift you could imagine?

Sean Keller's picture

Yet another subscription to a "niche" audio magazine.

HH's picture

A tuner, or radio as they would call it.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

The Starland Vocal Band Complete in SACD and vinyl. But then I could use them as frisbees.

WalkerTM's picture

A CD called Mood Music that Dogs Love.

Joe Alsko's picture

Anything Bose.

JimL's picture

A Bose home theater in a box.

Frank's picture

Blows (Bose) home theater in a box.

Jeff's picture

The last lousy gift I got was some flaky record sleeves.

Paul's picture

Wal-Mart's "best quality" speaker wire.

Tonko Papic's picture

A CD player.

Ken's picture

Bose. Hey, I'm old school.

TL's picture

Getting a vinyl record would be just as useless to me as receiving an iTunes Store gift card last year. I listen to music on CDs and music server, but I don’t want low bit-rate digital music purchases with DRM.

xanthia01@gmail.com's picture

Bad music.

A.  Chapman's picture

An LP demagnetizer.

Glenn Bennett's picture

One of those crappy $200/$300 surround systems with the amp/so-called subwoofer and bunch of crappy little speakers that are sold at the big box stores. But it might be fun to sell it on eBay as soon as I could.

Mike Molinaro's picture

Bose Wave radio

Shane's picture

One of those expensive iPod docking music players. Bleck.

suits_me's picture

A guided tour of "The Mountain" in Framingham, MA, with the honcho himself, and then free samples to be given out at the tour's end. After the things I've said...how awkward.

Jerry's picture

Anything spelled B-O-S-E.

Bob's picture

An iTunes gift card. Last year I almost cried.

djl's picture

Any Bose product or an iPod.

Ted Clamstruck's picture

A Michael Bolton CD

OvenMaster's picture

Music I can't stand, like klassik rawk.

Dismord's picture

A Dancette record player.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Any of those audiophile recordings done with close-up microphones and zero musical message.

John H's picture

I could find a use for almost any audio product, but a couple come to mind as having no value to me. The iPod would be the runner-up. It may not be the worst or least reliable MP3 player, but it's part of an unacceptable closed-loop system. I would have a hard time selling one in good conscience, but I probably could get close to retail value for one on eBay. That would make Bose speakers the champion of useless gifts. I've never heard any I could listen to for more than a minute.

doug's picture

There's no such thing as a bad gift—as long as it doesn't blow up or make a mess on the carpet.

nuts's picture

Bose Wave radio. But I guess that I am not alone on that.

Rimas's picture

SACD player. Another piece of hypnotizing marketing of low (not high) resolution (but high copy protection) wrong format

ewoutvs's picture

The Chante CD or any commercialized, fragmentized form of liturgy and/or classical music. Fortunately my environment knows that I am extremely picky so they won't even consider giving me hardware of any kind.