What would be the worst audiophile gift you could imagine?

Once you've been identified by your family and friends as an audiophile, they might try to give you gifts to support your habit. What would be the <I>worst</I> audiophile gift you could imagine?

What would be the <I>worst</I> audiophile gift you could imagine?
Here it is
86% (115 votes)
Don't have one
14% (18 votes)
Total votes: 133

kbchristiansen's picture

Cheap Japanese loudspeakers.

Ray Buchanan's picture

A bad country album (I love good country music).

Louis P.'s picture

Anything from Bose. Cheapie USB turntables.

Aaron~NC's picture

Hands down, no question, an MP3 player. Good intentions aside, like pouring salt in a wound.

robwazzo's picture

Any Céline Dion record!

Scott Hinson's picture

Anything by Bose.

JR's picture

A Bose Lifestyle Home Theater system!

Al Marcy's picture

A hard-drive with all the 20th Century's Number One hits.

TT's picture

My daughter bought me an "iDog" which is a little tinny speaker inside a plastic dog that shakes its lighted tail in rythm with the music. You plug it into an ipod. Tinniest sound since the first pocket transistor radio.

Vladimir Sheftelyevich's picture

A knit turntable dolly.

Richard's picture

Look honey, I exchanged all your old records for shiny new CDs.

Tim's picture

A tweak that instills audiophilia nervosa.

JIm Tavegia's picture

Anything from Bose.

Gabe Menvielle's picture

A prepaid card to download MP3s.

Scott C.'s picture

Bose 3-2-1. Ow, ow, ow!!

Johnny in Noo Zillund's picture

Anything from rhymes with BLOWS!

Frank's picture

A plastic speaker sold at Radio Shack.

Nick A.'s picture

A gift certificate to Circuit City.

Hello again, vinyl my friend..'s picture

A CD player. Ewwwww!

Douglas Bowker's picture

Well, honestly noone in my family would think to get me something on their own (in fact they come to me for advice about what they need to buy). Even my very supportive wife asks either me, or if it's going to be a surprise, one of my friends before she buys anything. But if someone really decided to get "creative" it'd be one of those plastic POS USB turntables designed specifically to make all your "old" LPs into MP3s.

Guy La Rue's picture

A Bose radio!

Austin Kuipers's picture

If my family won the lottery and decided to give everyone in the family $12k in gifts, I would hope they wouldn't get me that horrible Sony omni-directional floorstander that glows in the dark and looks eerily like a mutant lava lamp. But that's just me...

Scott's picture

Ipod Touch

Peder's picture

An iPod.

Eduardo G's picture

A reggaeton CD.

John Lin's picture

Bose Wave Music System. Horrible sound, ridiculously expensive for the poor performance.

Larry M Roy's picture

Bose speakers (any).

Mark D's picture

Anything from Bose!

jim's picture

An iPod.

The Flap's picture

lamp cord