What will it take for SACD to win mass acceptance?

What will it take for SACD to win mass acceptance?
Lower player prices
8% (25 votes)
More available titles
7% (21 votes)
A combination of lower player prices and greater software availability
50% (160 votes)
A massive PR campaign
2% (7 votes)
Celebrity endorsements
1% (3 votes)
Proselytizing by audiophiles
1% (2 votes)
Consumer boycott of lo-rez formats
1% (3 votes)
Here's my suggestion:
12% (37 votes)
Nothing will help. The masses don't care about audio quality.
13% (43 votes)
We already have hi-rez audio: the LP.
4% (14 votes)
Multichannel music
2% (6 votes)
Total votes: 321

Last week we asked about the relatively low-resolution MP3 format. Now let's get your opinion on ultra-hi-rez: the Super Audio CD.

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No comments.

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Your comment regarding the masses not caring is really another major issue here! Unfortunate for us all!

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Lower price player that will play CD & DVD in all formats. Most consumers remember VHS/Beta.

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I think SACD already has mass acceptance. People just want so much (channel options, more software, consumer level players, etc...) so fast since SACD has proven a success. I work for another Japanese electronics corporation as an Industrial Designer. It's easy to crank out the machines/players but there's so many other factors involved. I say wait a year for the dust to settle.

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