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What We Re-Learned Along The Way

I accompanied a friend in his quest for a final speaker choice in 5 reviews at 4 different establishments. The best speaker choice surprised both of us as the specs for the Revel Performa3 F206 made us feel it would be very bass shy (it wasn’t) Old Audiophile expected to like the PSB T3 much better but we both agreed that it wasn’t as clear as the 206 with muddier bass. The 206 had a compelling dispersion that was enjoyable outside the sweet spot. After listening the speakers on 5 different occasions I was left with my defenses removed about the 206 with the simple feeling of “I would like to have these speakers.” I got to briefly hear the 208 in less then ideal setup and was haunted by that speaker’s potential. I’m waiting patiently for next spring when I may be in a position to buy those puppies.

The biggest things we were reminded of along the way was 1) the importance of replicating your room conditions with close attention to the distance to the front and side walls as is feasible. 2) the importance of system matching the auditioned speakers to the amplification and speakers wires that you already have and 3) using your audiophile experience to determine how much weight the speakers, speakers wires, room acoustics and amplification factors into the eval.
The choice of amplification and cabling particularly had to be gauged in each place we went. What became more and more important was to utilize amplification as close to the sound and price of my friend's MC 5200.
We listened to a great Classe Delta and MAC MC275 stack that sounded amazing but noticed that amps or speaker wire far beyond what we currently owned greatly skewed results. We found we could more accurately gauge speaker performance with amps and speaker wire closer to our own equipment.
We found speaker specs to be a somewhat useful starting point but found a huge surprise with the performance of the Revel Performa3 F206 far exceeding it's stated specs. We found different speaker wire to be a significant part of the equation with differing audio characteristics.

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