What was the first component (or components) you purchased and what year was it?

What was the first component (or components) you purchased and what year was it?
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In light of last week's question, it seems appropriate for reader Glenn Bennett to ask: "Let's see how far back we can go. I caught the bug with a Knight reel-to-reel in 1955!" <P> What was the first component (or components) you purchased and what year was it?

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KEF Cresta speakers, Armstrong 521 integrated amp, and a Garrard SP25 Mk2 with Sure M3DM. Year: 1969.

audio-sleuth@comcast.net's picture

Not counting the equipment my parents bought for me, my first purchase was my first system. A Crown pre/power combo— IC 150 & DC 300. A pair of Janzen 412HPs and a B&O 3000 turntable. It sounded like heaven, if heaven could crank. It was 1972 or there about.

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It was 1969 at the tender age of 20. I bought a Dynakit Stereo 70 and PAS-3x (used) to push a pair of KLH 17s. The front-end was an AR turntable with a cheap Empire cartridge. The whole rig cost $300.

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Garrard 40B turntable in 1974.

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About 1967, I purchased a pair of Electro Voice LT-12s for which I built cabinets, with an Eico reciever and Garrard Lab 80 turntable. I thought I was in hi-fi heaven.

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A all in one record player when I was in high-school!

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BSR HT70 deck, Teleton SAQ-206B amplifier, and Wharfedale Dentons in 1971 (aged 16).

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My first "real" audio system, assembled around 1972, included the Large Advent speakers, a Pioneer stereo receiver (SX-???), and a Dual turntable. I still own and enjoy listening to the Advents—and, to my surprise, I was even able to replace the foam surrounds successfully as a DIY project. I also still own a later version of that first Dual turntable, though I haven't played LPs in years.

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McIntosh C-20 preamp in the mid 1960s. I still regret selling it.

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Sansui quad receiver, four unknown-brand speakers, and a Garrard turnable with pre-mounted Shure M44 cartridge in 1974.

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My first system was a $400 Tech Hifi special purchased in 1978 when I was 19. It consisted of KLH bookshelf speakers with paper cones, a 20wpc Rotel receiver, and a Phillips belt drive turntable. But my first high-end component was my Linn Sondek turntable with Basik arm and cartridge for $895 in 1986. I was really interested in the Basik turntable, but the Sondek was so much better sounding, even when played through an NAD integrated amp and Snell E speakers, so I emptied by piggy bank for the Sondek. Twenty-two years and various upgrades later, this was the best purchase I ever made on pretty much anything.

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My first true high-end item was a Creek 4140 integrated amp, which lasted me almost 18 years! Before that, I had the bug, but it was all basic Circuit City gear. When I heard that Creek, I knew I had entered a better world.

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Kenwood 75Wpc receiver in 1971.

John's picture

Sennheiser 414 'phones. Bought them in '72, they worked till about four years ago.

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A Philips turntable, in 1988. Stayed with us for a decade.

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i bought a Realistic receiver with student loan money in 1978.

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In the summer of 1977, I bought a system deal: Kenwood KA-3500 integrated amp, matching tuner KT 3500(?), Technics SL-23 table, and some kinda bookshelf speakers—AR maybe, that I traded in a couple of months later for some The New Large Advents. Bought two more Advents a year later, and went double Advent for over 30 years.

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In 1960 I bought a small transistor radio (hot new product) with my own money so, like my compadres, I could run the earplug wire through my shirt & listen to the World Series games in class. Not to miss Roberto Clemente. Teacher caught us.

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A Pioneer receiver (don't have the model number handy, it was 22 years ago), a Kenwood CD player, a Technics TT and cassette deck and a pair of Celestion DL6s. Not "high-end", but a major step up from the "all in one" Emerson TT/Cass/Speaker set I had before.

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Tannoy M1, 1998. It was a thing of beauty that immediately taught me I didn't like the British dip!

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1970 AR-3a speakers, AR receiver, and an AR turntable.

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In 1983, I bought a pair of Dahlquist DQ10s for $2k or so.

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A Lafayette receiver, Lafayette speakers, and a Garrard turntable. 1965.

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Fisher 500 TX receiver, Dual 1209 TT with Pickering XV-750 cart, Dynaco A-25s, and a Teac 350 top-load cassette deck. Even my non-audiophile wife, Diane, loved it. 1970/71 I think.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

Dad always had a hi-fi, even when it was mono. What caught my attention was after my parents' divorce, when he built a Dynaco PAS-3X with a stereo 120, driving a set of Bozak speakers (which my brother still has) with an AR-XA turntable and some kind of Ortofon. It sounded like nothing anyone else I knew had. Later he set my brother and me up with some Lafayette stuff that still blew away all my friends' parents' systems. It was Dad all along.

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AR turntable. Shure V15 cartridge. Quad 22/202 pre & power amps, Tannoy 15" Dual Concentric Gold drivers in home-made corner horns. 1965 {?}

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When I was 13, my grandmother gave me my late uncle's Pioneer receiver from the mid '70s (since gone). The same year, I got my hands on a pair of Zenith Allegro 2000 two-ways and built a pair of speakers using prefabbed enclosures and drivers from PE. I bought a pair of Kenwood KL-777s for $100 when I was 17, that same year I really got in to car audio. Now I have a nice Yamaha HT receiver w/ a pair an Infinity CS3006s, Polk audio CS400i (want to mod or replace), a pair a modded Optimus Pro 88av's and a Cerwin Vega sub. The bedroom has a Vintage Marantz Quadraphonic receiver with an oscilloscope, a Sony DVP-C600D, a pair of Canton Karat 920s and a pair of DIY stands. I'm currently working on the PC sound system and a few more. I love audio. Now if I can only get my hands on a McIntosh pre and tube amp, a pair of Maggies, a pair of Klipsch Heresys, and… and the list goes on and on…

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In the summer of 1968, 40 years ago, I went to Lafayette Radio in Jamaica NY and bought a Fisher KT-80 FM-stereo tuner kit. I built it in just one day. It worked great and I listened to it over the years with many girlfriends during my high school and college years. I still have it. It still works.

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2008 Marantz DVD player and 2008 Onkyo THX receiver.

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Concord receiver, PE 3012 turntable, and Dynaco A-35 speakers, maybe 1974. I thought it sounded great, but then I was high most of the time anyway...