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T M abcd1234
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What to upgrade first

Hey all,
I have a kenwood kd-77f turntable running through kenwood kc-209 control amp and km -895 power amp feeding a pair of dcm cx-17’s speakers. While I like the sound wanted some advice on what equipment to upgrade and which to do first to bring my system up a notch. Thanks

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Not sure on the size of your

Not sure on the size of your room, but I would focus on some bigger speakers first. Speakers are the voice of your system. Those are decent monitor types, but try looking at some larger new/used speakers with larger diameter woofers. It will really fill out the sound. Not to say you need to upgrade the turntable, but what cartridge are you using? A good cartridge with a decent stylus shape (elliptical, MicroLine, Shibata) will do wonders too. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say.

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Message from the future, get

Message from the future, get into tweaks, forget about upgrading your equipment. End of message.

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Tweaks are where it's at

I would suggest starting here...

This one is a crystal (probably common quartz) encased in modelling clay and sprinkled with glitter.

Here's a review.
"The difference when I put the tweak on the amplifier was very big. It was like a grey veil was removed. There was also larger depth and width in the music, which made it easier to hear deep into the soundstage and hear sounds far back in the mix. It was easier to follow individual instruments, there was more air around each tone and instrument which also made you hear more timbre and over and undertones. Voices became more lifelike. I am very happy with the upgrade!"

I honestly think you can't go wrong with this product.

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