What types of articles do you most like to read in magazines about audio? Leave suggestions in the "Comments" box for articles you'd like to see.

What types of articles do you most like to read in magazines about audio? Leave suggestions in the "Comments" box for articles you'd like to see.
Equipment reports
48% (105 votes)
Music reviews
6% (13 votes)
Industry news
2% (4 votes)
Technical features
7% (16 votes)
Industry interviews
1% (3 votes)
Music interviews
0% (1 vote)
Best of the year features
1% (2 votes)
An even mix of the above
26% (57 votes)
None of the above, here's my idea . . .
8% (17 votes)
Total votes: 218

Is it the reviews of hardware or music or both? Do you like to get technical or not? When you read about audio in magazines, no matter whose magazine it might be, what do you really like to see, and what would you like to see more of?

Shawn Warder's picture

judge more equipment based on price to value ratio (show more evidently where spending more more has diminishing returns)

Greg Fredericksen's picture

I like reviews of equipment that represents good value. I am not interested in $5000 cartridges or $20,000 speakers. Some of that is all right in order to see how the better half lives, but it has no use in my personal buying decision.

Don Willette's picture

More DIY features on amps and speakers. Also, how about used equipment? What are audio classics, and how do they compare to the current state of the art?

Chris S.'s picture

I must admit that most of the music I listen to isn't the first choice of the average Stereophile, so music reviews aren't much use. Industry news is always a plus, though. And, of course, the "Best of the Year" stuff is always a plus.

Mark Lamb's picture

Really I enjoy all aspects, although I am the least fond of musical artist interview. Some suggestions: Music reviews: describe from a perspective of someone who is not familiar with the artist/composer; describe what kind of listener would like/dislike (if like ____, you will probably like/dislike this disc.); for classical, include your favorite recordings of the composition; include record club (BMG, Columbia House,...) inventory order numbers (record clubs may even be willing to pay for this advertising). Technical: include some DIY projects, ideas, or concepts; in equipment reviews write about technical aspects that may give DIY'ers ideas (this would be of particular interest in reviews of high-$$$/state-of-the-art reviews. Other: have reviews of synergistic complete systems (more than likely not from one manufacture); have lists of favorite synergistic systems for differing budgets and music tastes and listening habits.

Mike McClendon's picture

Superb recordings of superb music in any genre are what I want!

Yves Lepage's picture

Why not a section for building kit!

Yulun Wang's picture

How about head-to-head equipment comparisons? I remember Stereophile gathering all of its reviewers a while back to do a collective speaker review. Now that was not only good reading, but informative as well. Or how about revisiting older equipment that is still readily available on the aftermarket, and comparing it to the best available equipment today?

Brad Bryant's picture

An even mix is good, but it should be a little heavier on the equipment reviews than on anything else.

Rob Selina's picture

Tweaks, plain and simple.

Chris James's picture

I have been a subscriber for only 2 months, but the technical articles as well as the personal stories are great. Looking forward to more issues. Thanx.

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I already have my system

ned wolfe's picture

we need a lot more on componenet COMPATIBILITY. this makes or breaks a sound system and you generally tend to ignore this aspect, i.e. impedence matching, ; overall gain for optimal volume range.

Tommy A.  Olsen's picture

The most interresting is technical features,followed by eqipment reports. Technical features offer insight,and gives"the common man in the street"a possibillity to see things in a more balanced way,depending on the editor,of course. Equipment reports gives the reader of the technical features a"real life"subjective way of realisation of the tech stuff. As for the music reviews and interviews,I often buy spesialized mags to achieve knowledge of"that kind".I don

Ray Hainsworth's picture

I have reached my equipment review saturation point. Let's focus on more music and the people behind it for a while. Unless your demographics show most of your readers are willing to spend more than $30k for a system I would suggest a greater focus on "affordable" gear. Thanks.

Dion Norbork's picture

Home visit of some of the readers. More pictures of the tested equiment, inside cabinet and so on

Arthur Spiegel's picture

I'd like to see a review of Legacy's line of speakers. Also, I'd like to see a compare/contrast series of articles on equipment at various price points. I think this would help the readers select between gear without engaging in endless auditioning. Plus, very few dealers carry more than a couple of types of gear. So in person comparisons are difficult, at best, to perform.

Bruce's picture

If I'm looking for new equipment, then I'm interested in as many reviews as I can get my hands on. When I'm happy with my system, or channeling $$ elsewhere (both would indicate I'm not 100% audiophile), then I'm more interested in music reviews. No matter what phase I'm in I always find Industry news interesting and informative.

D.  Cline's picture

I have not seen a lot of technical articles such as the "bad vibes" reprint but I would enjoy more.

MIchael Morris's picture

I would like to see more of low powered tube amps with high efficiency speakers; and an review that compares remote controlled pre-amps priced under $1000.

John Jaruzel's picture

You can't devote enough room to do a good job on music reviews when your readers sre as diverse as Pearl Jam, Bach, and Pat Metheny. I think that mag's specialize in each of these areas to do the music reviews ( you will never give me the information on Hydan quartets that I get from BBC Music or Grammaphone)

Carl Eberhart, TN's picture

Though I enjoy most aspects of Stereophile, I would like to see more equipment reviewed. Loudspeakers are the weakest link in the audio chain, and the differences that separate them are usually an order of magnitude greater than those of sources, electronics, and cables. Doubling the number of speakers reviewed each year would be helpful for consumers and manufacturers alike. Don't have enough reviewers? HIRE MORE! Mr. Atkinson can't measure that many? Find an engineer with his sensibilities to assist.

Norman L.  Gilinsky's picture

It's very odd, sometimes, but I must admit that I often regard really fine, beautifully designed and finished hardware as being substantially more aesthetically pleasing than the music that it is designed to reproduce.

Jeff Logan's picture

I don't care about measurements, listening tests say it all. And, please, only offer one variable in the system, the component being tested.

Jake Liebhaber's picture

I like a lot of things in audio magazines. (Used to read others, but found Stereophile to be the best!!) Music definitely, equipment is fun to read about, some technical but not too much, and Sam Tellig most of all.

Rob Malcolm's picture

Analog corner, Sam's space and the expensive audio reviews.

T's picture

Stereo magazines should review equipment and music magazines should review "guess what".

Lee S, McDonald's picture

Explain what type of system the componant would be well matched to. The most logical mods to get max. sound/synergy.