What types of articles do you most like to read in magazines about audio? Leave suggestions in the "Comments" box for articles you'd like to see.

What types of articles do you most like to read in magazines about audio? Leave suggestions in the "Comments" box for articles you'd like to see.
Equipment reports
48% (105 votes)
Music reviews
6% (13 votes)
Industry news
2% (4 votes)
Technical features
7% (16 votes)
Industry interviews
1% (3 votes)
Music interviews
0% (1 vote)
Best of the year features
1% (2 votes)
An even mix of the above
26% (57 votes)
None of the above, here's my idea . . .
8% (17 votes)
Total votes: 218

Is it the reviews of hardware or music or both? Do you like to get technical or not? When you read about audio in magazines, no matter whose magazine it might be, what do you really like to see, and what would you like to see more of?

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My pet peeve is articles that deal with home theater. We are talking about Stereophile, not Videophile. Music reviews I can get elsewhere. But nobody else other than audio magazines will do decent equipment reports. Unless, of course, you consider Consumer Reports, which is apparently staffed by a bunch of people who can't hear.

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Corey Greenburg, he is the reason i started to subscribe in the first place!!!!

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More reviews of European equipment!

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Component reviews priced under $1000 are appreciated.

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Equipment reports are best, but I really don't give a hoot about phono. Do that many people still buy vinyl compared to digital?

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An mix of all with a + on equipment reports. An idea is maybe more over room-acoustics.

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i missed the vibration survey. my listening room is on the second floor and has a suspended floor.

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Lots of reviews on the loudest amps and speakers so you can have your room sounding like CREAM or the Ministry Of Sound

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I'd like to see more info about audio technology, physics as related to audio, and more data/info on the design of audio gear.

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I subscribe to Stereophile-Home Theater-Stereo Review and I think they should all stick to their present format because they are all doing a fine job

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I like Sam Tellig's articles. He puts a human face on the joys and frustrations of dealing with all this audio "stuff" to get to the really important part, the music.

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I would like to see more articles of the search-for-vinyl variety (by Guy Lemcoe) that I remember reading. Although he is no longer with your staff, I'm sure there exist a few intrepid souls who can write well about their vinyl-hunting experiences.

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First thing I read is Sam Tellig, then Astor Place. Humor puts our obsession in perspective. People take themselves too seriously.

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More information about the listening environment and what enhancements can be made. Peaks and valleys, standing waves, these types of interactions.

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As to Stereophile, ditching the show coverage would be a big plus. It's all purposless meandering, using up space that could be put to some other use. A highlight or two isn't a bad idea, but only when there is something worth looking at and deserving of comment---not a "new" line of tube amps from a manufacturer that has been making nothing but tube amps for the last 40 years. Not a rehash of the "latest" technology that was on display. Is there anyone who actually reads these magazines even semi-regularly who doesn't know what a DVD is and how it works? That space could be devoted to a section of the budget equipment reviews that your readers are constantly asking for in the Letters section of the magazine. Maybe even some technical articles for do-it-yourselfers. There are a lot of possibilities for that space that are, I think, so much better than show coverage, that it's a no-brainer. Let Archibald do a column on what he seems to love best---the people of the industry. But please, no more monotonous, wasteful reports of,"I went here and listened to product x. I went here and listened to product y. I went here I listened to product z. I went here I listened to product x-prime . . . " Is all that really necessary, and does it even accomplish anything? Being a constant reader of the Letters section of the magazine, I KNOW there is a constant and large demand for more budget reviews. You have the space, why not give it a go?


would like to see recommended associated equipment with reveiws such as cartridge / tone arm combinations. se amps / speakers . Mainly for compatailty. EXAMPLE : SME V WITH A LIST OF CARTRIGES AT DIFF. PRIC LEVELS THAT WOULD MATE WELL. AUDIBLE ILLUSIONS DOES THIS IN THEIR MANUAL FOR THE 3A PREAMP.

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Of course, equipment reports. I can get most of the other features in different publications. Go with your strong point. Not interested in specs either, since the sound and the numbers so often can clash. Good, subjective, well-written articles that whet my appetite for demoing, upgrading equipment are the best.

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Love tweakery, especially the "Fine Tunes" column by Scull. If it continues, I may be forced to renew my subscription.

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Equipment reports in comparison to other equipment. That's where old-timers like J. Atkinson, T.J. Norton, J.G. Holt, M. Fremer, M. Colloms, J. Valin, K. Kessler, and Harry Pearson, of course, really shine. They have experimented with a lot of different equipment. Ultimately you want to know if the Pass Aleph 1.2 is better than the Krell FPB 600 and why, but it may be not as good as the ARC VT200. Saying just "highly recommended" is not good enough.

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Your music reviews are useless, especially Records To Die For, etc. Unfortunately, you have no good jazz or rock reviewers. Your classical reviews are good. Best-of-the-year stuff is good; letters, technical articles I would like to see more of. All in all, Stereophile has few faults; mainly, everyone is a classical guru, and I've already mentioned that.

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I've read Stereophile cover to cover by the time I am done with an issue. I usually start with the letters and industry reports, then equipment reports, music reviews and all the rest. The music and industry reviews are always interesting.

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even mix of music, & sub $1000 components,and news plus limited reviews of class A stuff

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Would like to see a compilation of all the articles that have been written where the esteemed writer believed that the particular piece he was reviewing was the best he had heard---followed by a current article from the very same esteemed writer comparing these older pieces to today's fave rave.

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..or rather - equipment reviews! There's nothing like a thorough, technical and personal report on a new and interesting component!

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I would like for you to print some DIY-type articles, such as how to build bass traps or diffusors.

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Since our listening rooms seem to be the neglected "component" in our pursuit of accurate music reproduction, show us photographs of what your reviewers' rooms look like. You could include them in an archive on the website. This would be particularly helpful when speakers are reviewed. Seeing a photograph of the installation and placement would help the reader make a judgment as to whether the equipment reviewed would "work" in her listening room.

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I'd love to see a review of the Audio Research CA-50 integrated amp. A great introduction to that classic ARC tube sound, but at a reasonable (sort of) price.

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Equipment reports comparing several contenders. Shoot out.