What stood out for you at CES 2009?

What stood out for you at CES 2009?
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Nothing stood out for me
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Another Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone with thousands of new audio products announced. What stood out for you at the 2009 CES?

C.  Healthgut, M.D., FACS's picture

Some of the turntables and associated analog gear were simply breathtaking, both aurally and visually.

ajay's picture

Acapella plasma tweeter with Eistein Audio.

Aaron's picture

The Sennheiser HD800s. Finally audiophile recognition of high-end headphones? I sure hope so.

Jim G.'s picture

The incredible prices! I can't beleive there are enough rich people who care about music to keep this industry going.

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BILL CRANE's picture

The outstanding audio products at CES and THE SHOW are the newest iterations of the Heil driver Air Motion Transformers from Adam Audio of Germany and Mark & Daniel of Shanghai. Both companies have improved on the original design in their own ways. Adam’s fully powered Tensor Beta loudspeakers at $36,000/pair were arguable the best at these shows. But, for affordability and fantastic sound at $3300/pair, I will be very happy to get a set of Mark & Daniel’s Monitor+ loudspeakers into my showroom. They are well balanced, have wide dispersion (we could hear the left speaker when sitting on a couch to the right of both speakers), and have a clean and natural sound, as if the performers were in the room.

Chuckie Girmann's picture

Sennheiser HD800

audio-sleuth@comcast.net's picture

Manley showing with Gershman speakers. Eveanna always has the best room.

Anton's picture

The new DeVore small speaker really came to life. The Soundsmith strain gauge was killer.

Don's picture

Vandersteen 7s. Wonderful, full-range, dynamic sound from a relatively small and beautiful speaker. Congratulations Richard!

Frank Finkelstein's picture

Manufacturers don't realize their market has dried up.

tonyE's picture

The High End really does not understand the computer market ($7000 servers with no storage).

Doug Bowker's picture

Nothing stood out for me It's a down year and mostly it was ultra high priced stuff for those few that money is and won't be an issue. Next!

Jack B's picture

The big Magico's were the best I've EVER heard. Could be the great electronics, too. Truly a privilege.

Raymond's picture

Computer audio. Having a computer as a source is finally becoming acceptable in the high end.