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what speakers should I get?

I recently acquired a Kenwood KA-8006 amp. It is rated at 200 watts. This amp dates back to the mid 70's. My question for you knowledgable folks is, what kind of speakers should I get to match it? Clarity and quality are extremely important to me, but I am no audiophile. It is also very important to me that these speaker can ROCK a party. I need some serious volume and bass. So, what speakers should I get?

JoeE SP9
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Re: what speakers should I get?

If all you want is loud and obnoxious, buy some Cerwin Vega's.
Seriously, look into some Klipsch speakers. They tend to be quite efficient. If you want serious bass look into getting a powered subwoofer.
This may not be the right venue to be inquiring about "house party" speakers.
For house party speakers you might be better of looking at some DJ speakers. They are designed to play loud and withstand poor treatment.

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Re: what speakers should I get?

The Kenwood KA-8006 integrated amplifier was conservatively rated at 70 watts per channel. What were you looking to spend? If not alot, Cerwin Vega might be a the only way to go. Otherwise, if you could find some vintage BIC Venturi Formula 4 or 6s, they will rock the house down with 30 watts a channel. There are some 6s on eBay right now for $250 Buy It Now to pickup or delivery within 100 miles of Pittsburgh.

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Re: what speakers should I get?

I would look at speakers that are rated 8 ohm and have sensitivity numbers above 89 or so. That will give you an easy load for your amp and lots of volume.

From there, I would look at a 100-200 dollar used sub on ebay to handle the bottom end and snag a pair of psb speakers at around the same price for the frequencies above the upper bass. If that is still too much, I would get the psb 4T floor models used for about $200. They would probably surprise you with how loud and deep they can go for so little money. They will mate reasonably well with less than optimal electronics and are easy to drive and pretty sensitive.

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