What speakers do you listen to at home?

What speakers do you listen to at home?
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I don't listen at home!
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We get requests all the time from readers who want to know what audio components others have purchased. What we're looking for is a description of what loudspeaker products you own and why you like them. Here goes . . .

Randy Lert's picture

Older Martin Logan Monoliths for 11 years that have that electrostatic sound with decent if not perfectly integrated bass. I have just purchased Vandersteen 5's primarily because of their exceptional transparency, superior dynamics and ability to tailor the bass to room conditions. I view the latter as very important since nearly all rooms have major bass irregularities and even though I have Tube Traps RPG B.A.S.S. traps etc. the speakers bass flexibility produces the best bass I have ever heard in my room which provides a great foundation. I also have a home theatre system where I use Definitive Technology 2002's primarily because the room is poorly designed for stand-alone subwoofers. I have a small system upstairs with Sound Dynamics 300ti's which I bought on a price/performance ratio basis. A very easy to listen to musical loudspeaker for not much money.

T's picture

Von Schweikert VR3. A pair of VR3 cost about the same here in Sweden as a pair of VR4 in the states. But I like them anyway.

Remy Wolfs's picture

I own a pair of Audio Physic Virgos. Four months ago I moved to a larger dwelling with a living room of app. 50 m2, twice as large as the one in my old home. After I noticed that my speakers, Audiostatic electrostatics, lacked stamina to fill up the room with air I decided to buy new speakers. (BTW my amps are AVM M4 40 W class A mono blocks, a german brand.) Because my wife wasn't too impressed with the looks of the tall electrostatics it had to be something smaller, yes I have a family too! After reading some audio magazines and consulting several experts, I decided to go for either Thiel 2.3 or Audio Physic Virgo. Thiel proved to be a very neutral speaker with dry bass, nice focussing and adequat satusfying sound stage, but in combination with my amp and cables (Siltech) the sound was too harsh and the presentation quite intimidating, not my cup of tea. A matter of 'amp and cables' I guess. The Audio Physic on the other hand combined very well. What a speaker: beautifull, wide and deep sound stage, 'analogish' neutral (thus not as pure as the Thiels), lots of detail, transparant, and good looks, just right for me... and my wife. I bought them. It is not very difficult to set them up, even in my L-shape living room. The designer advises to audition this speaker at very close range (about 2 meters distance in my case), to avoid room reflections. I tried it and the result is amazing. You can almost touch the musicians. BTW, in the Netherlands the Virgos are about $ 1.000.- cheaper than the Thiel 2.3! In the States its the other way around. I wonder how price differences like these influence the appriciation of a product, especially in shops and audio magazines.

Bernard Tan's picture

Sonus Faber Electa Amator For once, a speaker that looks as well as sounds good! I only wish more high-end audio components could be as interior friendly! Speaker designers should try to move from the traditional veneered MDF boxes. Looking forward to upgrade to the Guarneri or Amati Hommage when I have the entry ticket.

Patrick Low.'s picture

I currently own a pair of B&W 801 series 3 . Before this I had a pair of 801.series 2 . I think they're the most natural sounding speakers driven by a Krell FBP 300.

Klaus Armbruster's picture

Avalon Radian HC. This speaker has a soul---how could it sound that naturally otherwise ?

Stefano, Italy's picture

i like the sound of my Bose 301/IV, probably people will say," you could get more for the price you paid!". Anyway, probably I'm not a REAL audiophile, but . . . I'm satisfied. Very easy and simple, I do really enjoy LISTENING to music without caring about the cables of the CD, the Turntable's rumble or stuff like that. THANKS GRADO, FOR ALL THOSE MUSIC YOU GIVE US VIA YOUR CARTRIDGES!.

Mark B.  Miller's picture

I alternate between 2 sets of speakers with a 3rd set in reserve for smaller rooms. Presently I am using Magnepan 2.6R's and on occasion set up AR Classic Model 12's. My little guys are TDL Nucleus 2's.

Blair Zasitko's picture

PSB Alpha A/V's. They aren't exactly "High End" but for a 17 year old, they're pretty good.

TW Jensen's picture

Magnaplaner 2.5, upper mids and highs from the ribbon have to be some of the best available anywhere.

Fred Daron's picture

Aerial Model 5's Velodyne F1200

Anonymous's picture

Joseph Audio RM7 because they offered the most balanced sound for the money.

Peter MacHare's picture

I love my Thiel CS 1.5 and wouldn't part with them. Why? Detail, detail, detail. I don't think you can find a better deal (quality/dollar) with any other speaker.

Steve's picture

I listen to Dynaudio Craffts, they're amazing

Brian Flahive, NYC's picture

Vandersteen 2 Ces Great value, great sound. Driven by my 20+ year old McIntosh 2105 amp.

Richard Kohn's picture

Von Schweikert VR-4 Gen ][ in my main system, Siefert Research Maxim IIIH in my second system. Before buying the VR-4s I auditioned a variety of high end (Theil, B&W, Dynaudio, etc.), home theater (M&K), and mid-fi (Deafinitive Technology (sic)--yecch!) speakers. The VR-4 outperformed in every respect (except in perhaps in imaging, where $8000 Theils had an edge) anything I heard, even at double their price. One caveat--for the best imaging the VR-4s need a lot of room at the back and sides. As for the Sieferts, I

Claude C.  Hall's picture

Acoustat Sixes, Acoustat 1+1's, Kinergetics SW-800C subwoofers, and a pair of Boston Acoustic A-70s.

Don Howden's picture

Sonus Faber--Guerni Homage A superb, small 2 way speaker. Great for smaller spaces...great imaging. Best connected to hi end electronics.

John Leosco's picture

After almost a two-year search, I upgraded to a pair of B&W 801 Nautilus loudspeakers. Detail, Dynamics, and Imaging are awesome, even when powered by a "modest" Krell KSA-150. I'm sure there is better sound out there, but not for this level of money. No regrets.

Alan Pattinson's picture

Quad ESL63 Natural, accurate and just beautiful sounding.

Mike Hu's picture

NHT SuperOnes

Kevin D.'s picture

I currently have a pair of JBL's - They're okay but not what most would consider Hi-Fi. I have listened to and LOVE the B&W Nautilus 805's. These speakers have a remarkable presence and great clarity. You will need a good sub to go with the 805's but what a sound. i actually think the 805's with a good sub, sound better than the 802's which I also heard on the same two days.

Gary's picture

I listen to B&W 603 speakers and enjoy them very much. Of course I would like to upgrade but for 1000.oo a pair they are much more in my budget.

Russ Porter's picture

Klipsch Cornwalls. I heard them years ago and swore that one day I would own a pair, and am glad I bought them. I have had them for over 10 years and still love the way they sound. My wife is always complaining about the size. I had Klipsch Hereseys (sp?) and they sounded pretty good, but I am glad I moved up to the Cornwalls. Before the Klipsch I had Polks and I really liked them also.

Scott Paul's picture

Atremis EOS Signature. One of the best speakers ever made.

James Hackler's picture

Snell Type C III. They have good bass, a large sweetspot and are revealing.

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Buck Maxey's picture

Paradigm Reference 100

Paul A.  Basinski's picture

PSB Stratus Gold i. Too smooth to be true? Maybe. They definitely don't tell you what's on the recording like my old ML Aerius did. On the other hand, I like the dynamic, rich sounds they produce. That's in the main system. Bedroom contains a pair of NEAR 10M IIs which impress me tremendously given their size. NEAR's a low-key company out of New England and doesn't mod products often, so is somewhat below the review radar screen. But I've no doubt that these are great speakers for under $1k.

John Gaines's picture

I have a pair of KEF 107/2 which I have owned for 4 years. I have found that during that time that they are a true reference level loudspeaker. This fact being the case causes considerable joy and sometimes a level of frustration because if you attach great components and well recorded source material you will receive a very enjoyable music experience. If however your source equipment or your recordings are not at the same level as these speakers they will not make up the differance for you. Hence they can be great for evaluating recordings and changes that you have made in your system but they won't make a Pinto into a Ferrari! So ultimately I have to say I have a love-hate relationship with my KEF 107/2 because I wish all cars performed like Ferraris.