What speakers do you listen to at home?

What speakers do you listen to at home?
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Don't like what I have, but do like . . .
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I don't listen at home!
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We get requests all the time from readers who want to know what audio components others have purchased. What we're looking for is a description of what loudspeaker products you own and why you like them. Here goes . . .

Richard Lucero's picture

Dunlavy SCIV's in the dedicated listening/HT room and SC1's in the bedroom. What can I say Dunlavy gets you closer to the goal (i.e., LIVE Performance) My Loudspeaker bucks go into Mr. John Dunlavy's pocket and Cherry Creek Audio in Denver, who is by the way a outstanding dealer for Dunlavy products.

L.  Solomon's picture

I have a mixed set for my home theater: Energy Veritas 1.8s LR front B&W HTM Center Fosgate SD 90's bi/dipole for rear I'm hoping that Energy will come out with a Center channel soon. The Veritas 1.8s are superior values. Wish that Stereophile would review them cause they cure lots of the problems found w/the 2.8's (bass is not overly rich) and are 2/3's the cost.

S.  O'Brien's picture

B&W CDM1 very very good for the PRICE!!!

Vesa Gredeson's picture

Pioneer Prologue 9 I like the clear sound , but wish deeper bass.

Bill Schuldt's picture

Totem Model 1: Imaging, clarity, & they just sound good.

Alvester Garnett's picture

I'm using a pair of old Thiel 2.2's that I bought as a discounted demo pair from Innovative Audio here in Brooklyn over two years ago. They are serving me quite well. Of course I'm reading about the latest and greatest in Stereophile and other mags but, I'd sooner upgrade my preamp or power conditioner before buying new speakers. Otherwise I don't think I'd be getting the most out of my money.

Scott Johnston's picture

Martin Logan Aerius i. These speakers offer a tremendous sound stage and unsurpassed detail. Easily driven with Sonic Frontiers SF80. Work well in average sized living room (14x20). Good $ value.

John Thayer's picture

Vandersteen 3A Best musical sound for the money. I'm saving up my allowances for the 5's when I grow up!

Leon Trotsky's picture

I have a pair of the Kevorkians but they can be rather lifeless at times . . .

Jack Sims's picture

appogee full range Once you go planar you never go back. Best speaker I have ever heard.

Curt Simon's picture

PSB Stratus Gold i. Tom Norton was so impressed that he wrote a rave follow-up 5 years after his initial rave -- just as the old version was being phased out. John Atkinson then raved about the new version. This speaker has everything that JA and TJN said: undistorted mids, excellent bass, and the highs are fine as I can see, although they criticized them as being slightly "cool." Whatever.

Geoffrey M.  Knobl's picture

The venerable Apogee Stage loudspeakers. Despite several breakdowns and repairs, they still produce the best reproduction of live voice ever. I also own Phase Tech 8.5 speakers and PSB Alphas (4) for my home theatre. They are good but the Stages sounded better as a home theatre's main speakers. If I had the money I'd set up a separate room with Apogee's current speakers for a home theatre and use their entire system. But I regret I am poor and with an impending marraige, getting poorer. F.A.F. = moderate. (F.A.F. Fianc

Michael Garner's picture

I listen to Kerlegan audio (www.kaudio.com) loudspeakers at home. They build a Scan-Speak mtm tower that is very similar to the Nova Audio Applause, only about 1/3 the cost. They are a small startup company that does incredible work at non high end prices. Speaking of startup companies, I think more attention should be paid to this group. It seems to me that I am constantly seeing reviews of the same manufacturer's gear. Could it be that high-end audio has it's own "old boys network"?

Tom Selnau's picture

Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIa hybrid planar magnetic ribbon speakers. Open, spacious, great soundstaging, and life-size sound. I might add very reasonably priced. KEF 104a's for the rear channels. Bruce Thigpen Rules!

Anonymous's picture

B&W Matrix 803 Series 2

bjm in NY's picture

Linn Keilidh's. I love them for their pace and tauntness.

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Yves Lepage's picture

Proac Response 2.5 = Balance sound, it's very simple

Jim Reiter's picture

Kharma Divine 2A, a beautiful looking, beautiful sounding speaker made in Holland that absolutely disappears into the music.

john slate's picture

paradigm studio 100

Paul Houston's picture

Martin Logan Quests. Love them.

DRK's picture

I use ProAc 2.5 Response at home. I have owned them for over two years and have replaced other components around them. With the recent addition of a Audio Research VT 1000 mk II they have come alive. I have listened to many other speakers of greater cost, but have yet to find others of greater value.

John Butler's picture

Mirage M5si and Wharfedale Diamond 7.3 (floorstanding). Like'em both. Smooth & musical. Wharfedales are very fast and resonance-free -- reminiscent of electrostats. Mirages have a broad frequency range and energize the room much like live music.

Brian Smith's picture

Von Schweikert Research VR4 - Gen II. These speakers sound musical. Clean bass, clear highs, and beautiful midrange. Strings are exceptional! Wide sound stage, instruments placed front and back, left and right. Speakers seem to "disappear." I can listen for hours, and get totally involved in the music.

Anonymous's picture

Verity Parsifal Encore Fantastic imaging and soundstage the most realistic piano reproduction I'v heard very high w.a.f. factor!

Barry Rothman's picture

JM Labs Mini Utopias Coupled with a Vandersteen 2WQ subwoofer.

david kelly's picture

cambridge soundworks model 6s I"ve owned all of Kloss's 2-war designs since the AR3, so im guess i just like his idea of how to voice a speaker.

Tom Listmann's picture

Sound Dynamics 300ti.

Mark Shaw's picture

Paradigm Studio 20s Great sound at an affordable price.

Mark Mangold's picture

Apogee Centaurus home, Dynaudios in car. Both are excellent!!