What speakers do you listen to at home?

What speakers do you listen to at home?
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Don't like what I have, but do like . . .
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I don't listen at home!
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We get requests all the time from readers who want to know what audio components others have purchased. What we're looking for is a description of what loudspeaker products you own and why you like them. Here goes . . .

David Ralph's picture

My own design (several years of work, 3-way, Scan-Speak drivers). Finally sound better than the Apogee Centaur Majors I used to have. I don't believe I'll ever have to buy another set.

Eric Elliott's picture

Marantz MA-500's six total for amp Marantz SR-870 as a preamp Marantz DP-870 as a decoder for a Sony DVP-S7000 DVD player. Sony WEGA 32" very sweet due to component video All amp to preamp cables are AudioQuest Topaz AudioQuest Video Two for component video. AudioQuest Diamond for CD playback AudioQuest Indigo for front and center speakers AudioQuest Type-4 for sub and surrounds Surrounds are Snell M's very nice sounds great on the front end also Center, fronts, and sub are custom built using morel, dynaudio, and focal speakers. Cabinets are Mahogany. The fronts and center are in a D'apalito ??? and the sub is dynaudio. AudioQuest cables rejected alot of the emi and rf noise that was present in my listing room. A nice product for what you pay.

john cudrik's picture

..A pair of 1983 Magnepan SMg's and a pair of Danish-made DALI 3 (dynamic-driver) spkrs.-

Paul Drum's picture

I have Infinity Kappas 6.1's I really like the Thiel 2.3 Speaker

Stephen Noble's picture

B&W 805 Matrix Great book shelk size speaker First choice would be ProAc 2.5 or Avalon Arcus. Size for my room is the limiting factor.

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Kent Johnson's picture

Magnaplanar MG-10 a wonderful speaker that someone should review some day.

Daniel Lew's picture

Thiel CS1.5 Great speakers - very musical.

Clay Hankins's picture

JM Labs Daline 3.1 Love them, best $$ ever spent!

Joseph's picture

Klipsch Forte

nils aka lord_coz@webtv.net's picture

first the speakers i built, home brew using infinity. then i baught Unity Audio. moved on to theinfinity prelude. and soon will come the martinlogan sl3 and maby a pair of neuclus micros for surrounds

Rob Bertrando's picture

NHT 3.3's, Sunfire True Subwoofer, NHT Dipole surrounds.

marc gagnon's picture

Infinty SM 152's, under a thousand, efficient, 15" bass SLAM!!, dual mids) a rock n' roll speaker if you will... would rather tweak these (DAMP) than buy new speakers, mostly b/c i'm broke!

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a&mrod@nut-n-but.net's picture

Osborn Epitome W/bass augmentation cabinets

Richard Zemkoski's picture

Combine the detail and the spaciousness of Wilson and the body and weight of B&W, you now have the Revel Salon. My last speaker.

Len's picture

martin logan's all the way around, all the box speaker's just didnt sound as convincing to my ear, wilson, revel, b&w, vr all sounded great, but the ml's sounded best to me...

Jeffrey Bean's picture

My refernece speakers are an old pair of Infinity RS-II's. They are a seven driver, dipolar design. The planar magnetic tweeter has such a natural sound for human voices!!

Paul Glovick's picture

Mirage M3si. Extremely dynamic. Effortless reproduction of both highs and lows. Clear, transparent sound. They sound wonderful with my Mark Levinson No. 332, but they sounded good with the Denon receiver that I had used prior to my electronics upgrade. Highly recommended.

Scott R.'s picture

Magnepan 3.5R Green Mountain Continuum 0.5

David Green's picture

Magnepan MG 20's

Mike Evans's picture

I listen to the original Mirage M-1's. Nice speakers with powerful bass, musical mid-range and a big upfront presentation. I have had them for awhile but I am still searching for the perfect room placement.

Simon K.'s picture

Wilson Audio Grand Slamms Series 2 in black & they make me happy.

Anonymous's picture

Seems I have a houseful of mini-monitors these days. In my main listening room I alternate between: Dahlquist Prelude CA1 without the proprietary subwoofer. No longer in production, these are absolute giant killers. If they could be faulted in any way, it's that they're a little on the warm side, but for the most part, the most neutral natural loudspeaker I've heard under $1K. I sometimes replace them on the stands with an old pair of Tannoy 603's, and on occasion with Tannoy DMT-8's which are a pro-monitor with a weird little concentric horn tweeter. Tannoy speakers all seem to have a particular sound that doesn't work on all music, but NOBODY does brass better. Good trumpet recordings literally jump out of the boxes. I also have a pair of Optimus LX-5's in my office. They sound brilliant at lower volumes but quickly sound awful as you twist the volume up. They replaced a pair of PSB Alphas which are now in my den. The Alphas have a bass balance that keeps them from disappearing in a larger room, but in my tiny office they had a tendancy to sound turbercular.

Tom Warren's picture

A pair of Proac 3.5's recently replaced a pair of Snell E 3's. It's been a huge improvement. The proacs are powered by tubes, of course.

Andrew Littlewood's picture

Spendor S100. I've not heard anything with as good an all round performance for less than three times its cost. Very neutral, low box colouration, even response, sufficiently deep bass to compliment reggae/dance/modern studio recorded pop. Is thoroughly capable of producing 3D images and totally "disappearing" when positioned, partnered and cabled appropriately. Can be had dirt cheap on the second hand market!

Mark J Landy's picture

VR 4 Gen II, and they are great!

J Danielson's picture

I just bought B&W Ntls 803. INCREDIBLE SPEAKERS.

Rolf E.  Hagelgans's picture

B&W DM302's - a lot of bang for the buck. B&W Nautilus 805's - Tremendous detail, hugh soundstage, great resolution.

Donald Mow's picture

I listen to Apogee Mini Grands. I like their smooth mids and highs for my classical music. The lows are not too shabby also. Your review of Apogee's Stage got me interested, and when Apogee matched the Stage with subs, I bought a pair without hesitation. I biamp them. The sound stage is huge. Sometimes I just play the Stages. They sound very sweet.