What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair—and not a penny more?

What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair—and not a penny more?
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Dave in Dallas says, "Ask your readers to recommend a product within a specified price range they would buy today and why they would consider that product."<P>So, here goes: What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair&#151;and not a penny more?

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I fell through the cracks of Reaganomics. "You're riding high in April, Shot down in May." Consequently, I've never owned $1000 speakers. My current pair cost $279. To compensate, I imagined an Alternate History. In this parallel reality, Philip K. Dick didn't write SF stories, he reviewed audio equipment. All excess wealth was funneled into a Fund for the Common Good. With this Ultimate Social Safety Net, all speakers cost $1000. Just pick the pair that suits your needs. Based on that, I recommend all of them.

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Dynaudio BM5A. Great powered studio monitor for exactly $1000. For a traditional speaker, I like the Totem Mite and Rega R3.

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Used pair of Martin Logan Sequels, Sequel IIs, or SL3s.

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Usher Audio s520

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Anything that says "KEF Reference" on it.

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B&W 685, I just love them.

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Jean Marie Reynaud's Twin Mk III. Musical, detailed, elegant. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

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A pair of high-quality tin cans and an audiophile-grade strand of twine.

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This one is rather dificult without hearing 90% of what is available on the market curently. In the last year, I purchased a new pair of PSB 45-Ts and enjoy them alot, but don't overlook Craig's List, I also grabed a pair of Klipsch SF-1s in mint condition for $25 that sound great with my Rotel/ Linn system. Or the KEF 104/2s for $150. The Kefs, aside from needing woofer repair (the norm), were in showroom condition. It's always nice to buy new, but if you look around, you can stretch your hi-fi buck a lot farther. PS, did I mention the 9/10 NHT 2.5is for $50? Happy shopping.

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Focal/JMLab 707S—discontinued, so sold quite cheaply. Exellent in their class and they sound better then many floorstanders for the same price, including JMLabs offerings! They are a large monitors, which in my opinion is the value category.

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Magnepan MMG. $599 save $400!

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Paradigm Monitor 7 v5

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System Audio SA 705s. No low bass, but every thing else.

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Magnepan MMG: Nothing I've heard at anything near its price sounds so much like music.

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Dynaudio Audience 42

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Paradigm Signature S1. One of the best monitors out there at any price.

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B&W 685

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I would look at the Aperion 5T. Nice open midrange (takes a bit to break in), reasonable bass for a mini tower, good imaging, beautiful cabinets, and great customer service. Some would want a sub for the lowest octave or so.

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For lovers of loud rock music, Klipsch RF-82. Although they list for $1098, they can be purchased for under $1000. Will cleanly reproduce concert levels in a typical listening room. Sound decent on other kinds of music and at lower levels. Great for home theater, too.

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I personally love my Klipsch RF-62 floorstanding speakers. I did a lot of research and had in home trials with three different pairs. The Klipsch have clear highs with the horns, and a lot of lows as well. You can crank these without any distortion. $878/pair

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I'd suggest a pair of Audio Nirvana Super 8s in a Madisound Fostex BK-20 cabinet.

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Paradigm Studio 20

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For music: Magnepan MMG (for only $600 hard to beat) For music and movies: B&W 685.

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Wharfdale 9 series. As low as $599/pair. Great sound for the price.

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A used pair of Spendor S3/5Rs. Like Harbeths, these are speakers for grown-ups.

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Some B&Ws for $ 1000/pair.

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Any new Harbeth under $1000. Listen and you'll understand.

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Infinity Primus P162. They are Stereophile Class C and I picked up a scratch'n'dent pair for under $200 and they really sound sweet in my small listening room. I look at these as a speaker I can easily live with until I can afford my "dream" speakers.

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Without a doubt, the Magnepan MMG (with a $1000 limit).