What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair—and not a penny more?

What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair—and not a penny more?
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Dave in Dallas says, "Ask your readers to recommend a product within a specified price range they would buy today and why they would consider that product."<P>So, here goes: What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair&#151;and not a penny more?

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Floorstander: Wharfedale Diamond 9.6. Bookshelf: Dynaudio Audience 52.

Timotius W's picture

JMLab Chorus 707S

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Monitor Audio Silver RS1

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Epos M12.2. Natural, balanced, superb soundstage.

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Focal-JM Lab Chorus 714V

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NHT Classic 3. Great speaker in my office system.

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Monitor Audio RS6

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Paradigm Studio 20, Energy RC series

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At $1K per pair very it's difficult to get full range coverage and realistic overall sound reproduction. However, based on my experience with Totem's Forest model, I'd consider the Totem Rainmaker. With good quality electronics and cables & sturdy speaker stands, the Rainmaker should provide good music fidelity thru most of the audable range and a great soundstage—assuming proper placement in an appropriate room and, of course, high quality recordings. But a good subwoofer optimized for accurate music playback (not video sound effects or rap booming), may be desireable for many listeners.

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Altec Lansing 305 S Unrivaled clarity, pristine midrange.

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Monitor Audio RS-6. Had a pair and they were outstanding! Sold them and upgraded to Monitor Audio PL300s.

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Revel F12 speakers. They do a very fine job with the Magnum Dynalab MD-208 integrated amp.

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Magnepan MMG's ($550)

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Polk Audio LSi7 or Polk Audio LSi9. They both are overall silky smooth, detail, and have a awesome value on top of that. The LSi7 handles less power than the LSi9.

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Audio Nirvana Super 8. I have Fostex FF85K and they sound so clear & dynamic. Audio Nirvana Super 8 have a fairly similar frequency response and would probably go much louder, and have higher rated input. Hemp Acoustics have the FR4.5C which has a somewhat similar curve to Lowther PM5/PM2A. If Lowthers are the best, the FR4.5C should sound great.

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I'd recommend the Magnepan MMG. You get the "planar magic" for only $600 or so.

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Anything by B&W, KEF, or Revel around that price.

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Monitor Audio RS6

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Won't make any friends here, but Def Tech's BP 8b's easily offer just about all you could hope for out of a $1000 pair of towers. Great soundstaging, better than average extension, solid midrange, and very reasonable upper-end for its price-tag. Value. Value. Value.

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Epos M5i

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Monitor Audio RS6. Best bang for the buck new, would rather get something better second-hand off Audiogon for the same price though, like maybe an Eminent Tecnologies LFTVIII.

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Silverline Audio Minuet

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In that price range, careful consideration needs to be given not only to room size and associated equiupment, but also to type of music most often listened to. That being said, both PSB and Focal have several fine sounding speakers under 1k.

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Used Martin Logan Aerius Is. You could compare and contrast with cones/boxes and if you did not prefer the stats, sell at little loss.

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Dynaudio Audience 52s

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Ohm Micro Walsh series. The Talls are $1000-$1100 depending on finish, so they just make the cut. Coherent, omnidirectional (no head-in-a-vise "sweet spot"), smooth response, decent bass once they're broken in. The review on 6moons.com says it all.

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Bose 301® Direct/Reflecting® bookshelf stereo speakers. They make sound! Just kidding

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Light Roast speakers from ARE Audio. They sound immaculate, and for under $1000 (paid $500 a pair to be exact), you absolutely can't beat it. They produce the truest sound of any pair I've heard. Great for studio monitors as well as home theater listening. Definitely pick up a pair, and keep an eye out for ARE audio. As far as I know, their website is in the works, but give Ross Connolly a shout at rdcnnll@mta.ca for more information and pictures.

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Amphion Helium 2. Wonders, classics, or simply great speakers.

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I'm very new into the audiophile world, so I'm currently learning and I plan on building my first system when I hit the Air Force, but I'm torn between PSB Imagine B25 or B&W 686.