What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair—and not a penny more?

What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair—and not a penny more?
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Dave in Dallas says, "Ask your readers to recommend a product within a specified price range they would buy today and why they would consider that product."<P>So, here goes: What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair&#151;and not a penny more?

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I have heard some really good-sounding speakers that meet the cost criteria in the past but can't remember the names and have not listened around for a long time. The biggest problem when trying to find the best bang for your buck in any area of equipment including speakers is that there are so many choices out there in the market and unless you live in a place like New York or Chicago you will never be able to actually audition all or even many of the available options without spending lots of time and money traveling around the country to do so. That is just not possible for most of us. Looking at the answers to this vote question should be interesting but again being able to personally verify the sound quality of names given most likely will not be possible. Very frustrating.

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Monitor Audio RS6

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Monitor Audio Silver RS6

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I think I would have them give the X-static from av123.com a listen, if only because most people wouldn't normally consider an open baffle speaker—yet so many seem to enjoy them.

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Focal JM Lab 714V. Nicely balanced.

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Paradigm Studio 20 v.4

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Von Schweikert VR-1 monitors

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I wish I had listened to 10 different sub $1000 speakers to recommend one, but I have only listened to the Monitor Audio RS6 speakers in my home, they have excellent reviews—and buy them only if you are a Jazz/classical buff.

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This is an easy one. Magnepan MMGs for 550 bucks. I had a pair in my system for a while and I never got tired of listening to them. I always recommend them to anyone putting together a budget system.

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Monitor Audio Silver RS6 can keep up with speakers costing 2-3 times more and they don't make you feel that you're missing something.

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Paradigm S4—excellent!

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I very much like the JMlab Focal 716V from the new Chorus line. Beautiful, revealing, and open sound. Matched with good cables, amp, and CD player, they can be balanced and universal!

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Two: Mirage OS3-Sats ($500MSRP) and a Mirage S10 subwoofer ($300MSRP). Their imaging is fabulous. In fact, their cousin, the SphereX Xbox 5.1 surround speakers are probably the best speaker value in the world at <$300 for the complete set.

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Anthony Gallo Acoustics: A pair of A'Diva TI speakers and a TR-1 Subwoofer. Not perfect, but they do many things very well

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JM Lab Cobalt 806S

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Hornshoppe Horns, by a hair (but a noticeable hair) over Omega Super 3s or Super 5s. You can't beat these single driver speakers for anything close to the money.

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Get a pair of Energy RC10. They are small stand-mounts. They sound huge, yet accurate. They match with almost any source. Take your wife for a nice weekend with the rest of the money.

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BG Radia Z1's! OMG, they are so good.

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if you find a pair that sound musical, please let me know.

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Paradigm Studio 20

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Wharfedale Diamond 9.1

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Grado RS1 headphones

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PSB Image T55 Tower Speakers ($949/pair)

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Pair of old EPI 100s. Clear, transparent, accurate sound—doesn't add or subtract much. Find 'em on eBay or build 'em from spare parts & plans from Human. Should be well under $500/pair (100s were commonly offered for around $100/pair along with a receiver when new—that's how I got mine, and they've managed the transition to digital sources just fine thank you, although the receiver is long gone). Don't need a ton of power. Only downside: not good for a large room. If you want that last octave of bass, throw in a decent subwoofer for another $500 or so (keeps the total at about $1000)—but the EPIs don't need any help above 50 Hz or so.

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Vandersteen 1C. Makes music, portrays real space, and good bass output for small spaces. An underappreciated gem.

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NHT Classic 3 or PSB Imagine B. NHT takes a novel approach to small monitors being a three-way design and Paul Barton never disappoints in this modest price range.

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KEF iQ7. Absolutely amazing midrange for the price and sophisticated highs. Be careful with the midbass, that tends to be boomy depending on the room specs, but can be easily adjusted via manual equalization. Highly enjoyable.

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Walsh Ohm Micro Talls. An unbelievable sound out of an unconventional speaker.

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Linkwitz Pluto.