What is the source component you use most in your home system?

As we transition from one format to another, some components hang on as our main source of music. What is the source component you use most in your home system?

What is the source component you use most in your home system?
CD player
23% (25 votes)
20% (21 votes)
Media server
13% (14 votes)
DVD-Audio or SACD player
14% (15 votes)
22% (24 votes)
5% (5 votes)
3% (3 votes)
Total votes: 107

Wendell's picture

It's the disc player, but only because I have more discs than vinyl. If the question asked was "in terms of preferred source," then my record player would win easily.

ch2's picture

I use my iPod attached to my system, mainly to get internet radio stations from around the country. My favorite source is my 1962+ Empire turntable (what a tank!) with SME arm lovingly following the groove in vinyl, much of it older than the turntable.

Steven Mandato's picture

Some LPs sound better than CDs and visa versa. LPs are my favorite though for many reasons. VPI Scout, Teac TN400/Rega RB251, Arcam CD73

CV's picture

SACD when possible. Can't handle the cracks and pops of LP, but I respect their fidelity.

Mark C.'s picture

It's more work, but I find myself more engaged when listening to records. Probably because I know I'm going to have to get up and tend it.

datman's picture

I use my Sirius satellite tuner as a source more than any other. Second is my Squeezevox Transporter.

Andy's picture

Tuner. Have some great stations in my area, and that's the one that gets used the most. Go figure.

Alan in Victoria's picture

My Sony SACD player comes first, with my little XM radio second.

Steve's picture

Evening listening sessions mostly with vinyl. But daytime, during work, I'm now listening via iPod and via computer.

Michael Myers's picture

In the last month, I have bought new vinyl in two different retail stores from old and new bands; Wait for it: Isn't vinyl suppose to be dead? Long live vinyl.

Bob D's picture

I mostly use my CD player, but that's just because I get so little time for serious listening. If I had more time, I'd be listening to LPs far more.

Phalgun's picture

A Marantz CD player.

O.  Lagarde's picture

LP forever!

Brian's picture

Maybe I'm limiting my options, but I've bought only vinyl for the last decade. The CD player and iPod are for the girlfriend.

Jason's picture

For real "sit-down" listening, I usually revert to the turntable (trusty LP12). For background listenting, however, I usually use the Squeezebox music server, fed through an external DAC.

Nick .'s picture

Late adopter to CDs but have been purchasing with a vengeance. Have an original Sony CDP-111 player to compare to my YBA CD1a—sound has definitely improved. Still love vinyl though, doubt I will ever move over to music servers.

Grant from Toronto's picture

My source breakdown is: 90% LP, 9.5% R2R pre-recorded tapes, the remainder being CD. I can't actually remember the last time I actually played a CD at home.

Steve R's picture

I use a EMM Labs CDSA. SACD player.

Mark G.'s picture

I listen to CDs and SACDs the most, but I listen to and buy LPs, and plan to buy a new turntable. I already have a new MC cartridge, just waiting. Of the other choices listed I sometimes listen to my portable, but that's a CD player, not an iPod.

daniel's picture

Squeezebox+iPhone+iPeng. Small 500 gig hard disk. Only need a good DAC and I will be in heaven. Only if I could stream to my iPhone or Touch.

Jayne lee wilson's picture

Vinyl's not for me, Radio 3 FM is compressed, Radio 3 DAB is low-bit-rate awful— thank god I bought all those CDs. Live ones with applause mean I don't miss radio concerts too much. Unlike most, I even enjoy the miniature cover art on booklets sometimes.

Laura in Spokane's picture

It's not even close, the turntable is the most important and the most used source component in my system.

ty sproul's picture

I find myself most often listening to my analog rig when its time for some "serious" listening. When I want some music on while doing something else, I'll put a CD in the SACD/CD player.

NeoN's picture

iTunes & AppleTV

Bob Lennox's picture

New NAD C545BEE CD player is a serious piece of kit. Can't stop playing my CDs.

Tony Louis's picture

The tactile pleasure of flipping through your collection with the great sound quality of digital audio—what's not to like?

J.M.  Schultz's picture

I'm a sucker for the convenience of playlists.

Peter Breuninger's picture

This 53-year-old Stereophile reviewer loves vintage tubes and solid-state. I listen to a Sony Vaio XP machine with an Emu-1616m feeding various vintage DACs.

Timbo in Oz's picture

An old simulcast, ie valve, receiver updated with an SS MPX kit, with wide-band AM. Thank God for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Not much of a buyer of new? Nope!

Brian's picture

Vinyl, been there done that, no thanks.