What recording from 2008 ended up at the top of your musical heap?

What recording from 2008 ended up at the top of your musical heap?
Here it is
73% (66 votes)
Can't pick just one
19% (17 votes)
Don't care
8% (7 votes)
Total votes: 90

<I>Stereophile</I>'s annual "Records 2 Die 4" will be coming out shortly, but here's your chance to get a jump on the reviewers: What recording from the last 365 days ended up at the top of your musical heap?

richard p's picture

Shelby Lynne, Jacob Dylan, Bob Dylan. What a trio of outstanding recordings.

C.  King, Thousand Oaks, CA's picture

Foxboro Hot Tubs' Stop, Drop, and Roll. It's different and a barrel of fun.

BILL CRANE's picture

Paul McCartney/The Fireman's Electric Arguments.

Andrew Tan's picture

Jason Mraz: We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things

Dean D.  Lines's picture

Dig Out Your Soul by Oasis.

Marshall's picture

Robin Trower and Jack Bruce: Seven Moons. Their sound compliments each other and Jack's lyrics are at their mystical best. Buy it, if you like guitar and live a little longer.

Jason Rich's picture

Mudcrutch: Mudcrutch

S.  Chapman's picture

Martin Orford: The Old Road

Steve's picture

I've spent most of last year discovering older music, but as for new music I would say Def Leppard - Songs From the Sparkle Lounge

hank's picture

Led Zeppelin I, plum label UK first pressing LP. Just a lot of fun, must be playd loud.

Bob's picture

I know you Jazz at the Pawnshop/Bach lovers will disagree, but Rocca Deluca and the Burden straight-up channeled Plant & Zepp on the track "Save Yourself". Crank it to 11 and rock on brothers. Awesome.

C.C.  Rider's picture

Duffy: Rockferry

Robert Thomer's picture

I really loved Raising Sand by Plant/Krauss. A nice collaboration and superb recording. Played it to death.

toomasp's picture

Arne Domnérus & Rune Gustafsson: Sketches Of Standards.

Allan Stock's picture

Hey Eugene by Pink Martini

Jack C's picture

Sessions for Robert J. Clapton Blues Singer Buddy Guy