What new product at CES caught your eye (or ears)?

What new product at CES caught your eye (or ears)?
The product that caught my attention is
84% (75 votes)
Nothing stood out
16% (14 votes)
Total votes: 89

Another CES under our belts, and there were new audiophile products galore. What new product at CES caught your eye (or ears)?

Lytle's picture

Hands down the product that blew everything away was the Pioneer Elite infinite contrast Kuro that was a mere 1/3 inch thick.

EB's picture

THIELnet...such a smart solution, not to mention it sounded amazing!

hugh's picture

Ayre KX-R preamplifier

christianschtuz@hotmail.com's picture

MBL 190k Reference. Wow. I mean WOW!

krocdoc's picture

Wadia iTransport

Jerry Rafalko's picture

The new Wadia iTransport for the iPod. I understand you will reviewing it soon.

sally's picture

Manley Labs Snappers. Tubes & Fish rule.

Stephen Curling's picture

Wadia iPod dock is cool looking, reasonably priced for high end stuff.

Hank's picture

Wadia iTransport. Resolution Audio iXS. Sooloos.

John Q.'s picture

Davone Rithm. Anyone heard this?

Milos's picture

McIntosh MC1.2KW McIntosh MCD301

miguel's picture

Acetates of the new Blue Note vinyl in the Sonics room and the V3s in Magico's room.

Ragan Mena's picture

Resolution Audio iXS

E Lau's picture

Rockport Technologies Ankaa

Jim G.'s picture

The Playboy bunny that you had a picture of holding something.

S.  Chapman's picture

Gosh, what a show! Lots of new two-way box speakers, what incredible innovation! And more turntables! You can't say enough about those great, forward-thinking audio companies, can you? Oh, and did I mention the classy (and expensive) iPod docks? Yes, sir, a show with this much originality makes me proud to be an audiophile.

tom's picture

The Mac turntable. But not in a "that's gorgeous" kind of way.

BILL CRANE's picture

The Roger Sanders 10A ESL electrostatic hybrid speaker system would have been my “beat of show” were it not for the one-person narrow sweet spot. I do not consider that a real world speaker. Therefore, my favorite goes to the Final 1000i electrostatic loudspeakers. They go down to 38hZ, are relative efficient (for electrostatic panels), are fast, clean, coherent, and extremely detailed with no hint of offense. I have long liked the clean and coherent sound of the Manger drivers. They sounded the best I have ever heard them in the new Zeroboxes 109-AG Silver edition. Driving then was a Callistro CD transport into the all-analogue Delta Sigma North Pole Special Edition integrated amplifier. Kudos goes to Jaton for their Class-A 150W/channel Operetta AP2300A amplifier. It sounds even better than their current Operetta AP2140 and includes the same noise reduction circuitry.

Haoa's picture

Nagra VPS phono stage with tube and solid state outputs!

Stan's picture

The Wadia iTransport really caught my eye. If it can do what they claim for that price point, I'll be first inline to get one. Also, the new Mark Levinson line of amplifiers look great. I'm glad to see there going back to 300 series of styling with the new 500 series line.

Carter's picture

The Maxhorn speakers with Feastrex D5 Monster Alnico drivers seem very enticing to this SET fan. Pretty pricey drivers though.

Charles Stephens's picture

McIntosh XRT1K

Kevin Wong's picture

The Acapella/Einstein room

Hector Munro's picture

Squeezebox Duet. Network systems are starting to almost be practical.