What is the most recent CD or LP you've purchased? Is it any good?

What is the most recent CD or LP you've purchased? Is it any good?
Here it is:
95% (150 votes)
I don't buy music.
1% (1 vote)
Can't remember . . .
4% (7 votes)
Total votes: 158

This question is an attempt to quickly take the pulse of audiophile music tastes this month: What music have you just bought?

Richard Ulloa's picture

Hefner, "The Fidelity Wars." Heard a track on my local college radio station and went out and bought this album. Hefner is the most original and most refreshing GREAT band since Nirvana, although their music bears no resemblence. Their songwriting and biting lyrics make me want to play this album over and over and over and over!!! I can't get enough of this album, so I guess I am just going to have to get on a plane and catch a show in England.

Mats Neander/'s picture

These are my newest aquisitions: -Beethoven: symph. no. 1,2 & Music von einem ritterbalett, with Swedish Chamber Orchestra.Cond:Thomas Daus- gaard.Simax PSC 1179.CD. -Deep Purple: Made in Japan/The Re- mastered Edition.EMI 8578642.CD. -Steely Dan

Mats Neander,'s picture

These are my newest aquisitions: Beethoven, Symphonies 1 & 2, "Music von einem Ritterbalett," with Thomas Dausgaard, Swedish Chamber Orchestra. Simax PSC 1179.CD. Deep Purple, "Made in Japan: The Re-mastered Edition," EMI 8578642, CD. Steely Dan's "Two Against Nature." Are they any good? Oh yeah, but to a falling degree . . . The Purple live album is simply terribly good, both as a live recording really sounding good, and with some really heavy stuff music-wise. Then the Beethoven: Have you not yet got this outstanding orchestra in your collection? Go get this CD, recorded with their present conductor-in-residence, and in their "own" concert hall, the

Charles Martyn's picture

I recently purchaced the DCC reissue of Elton John's classic LP "Madman Across the Water." Having owned several copies of this LP in the past, I was already very familiar with the music. The sonics on this LP are stunning. The cover art is reproduced perfectly—a nice gatefold package with songbook. After purchasing an LP like this it makes me wonder how CDs manage to exist at all. As the Church Lady would say, "Isn't that conveeeeniant!"

lacifer's picture

the posies greatest hits. of course it's good - they can do no wrong!

Steve's picture

Ben Harper, "Will to Live." Great album, sounds good too!

Dave Dallard's picture

Kulanjan by Taj Mahal and can`t remember his name—the Malian kora player—and it is very excellent. Also at the same time I bought Bach's "The Well-Tempered Clavier" played by Bernard Roberts on Nimbus, and that's very good too! A couple of days before that, Sparklehorse's "Good Morning Spider," which isn't as good as their (his) first album "Vivadixiesubmarine-transmissionplot"—the missing link (ous) between Neil Young and The Velvet Underground. I have wide-ranging tastes.

Lonewolfcub's picture

Feed, "Make Every Stardust Shimmer."

Bob Bookman's picture

Not-So-Dark Side of the Moon by the Squirrels

velobum's picture

new steely dan it's ok great chris potter sax work

David K.  Badner's picture

Schubert's "Unfinished" Symphony, Fritz Reiner, RCA Original Shaded Dog LP, used. Cost me $1, sounds fantastic in every way.

Norm Strong's picture

MAXimum REGER. I'm a pipe-organ buff, and Reger wrote a lot of knuckle-busting organ music. This is a good recording.

Carlos's picture

Chuck Loeb's "Listen". A great sounding CD where practically all the tracks are very tasteful. That is, if you're into smooth jazz.

Clark, zarifis1830@dellnet.com's picture

The most recent CD I've purchased is the XRCD version of "The Joker" by Steve Miller. I purchased it because it is the only rock title that XRCD has at this time. I do own several of their blues titles, which I love. I don't know what I like more: the last half of the disc, from "The Joker" on, or the sound of the disc. Steve really cooks on the two live cuts. But I guess it's the sound quality I love best. What an incredible soundstage. I hope with the sad death of MFSL that XRCD will pick up the baton and take off with more rock titles in the near future.

Marc Meiser's picture

Willam Orbit and Million Dollar Hotel Band.

F.  U.  Man's picture

I don't buy music, I Steal it using MP3's

Karlotta's picture

Provence Mystique with Anne Azema on Erato for $7 at a CD show.

boogieman's picture

I almost always buy "Oldies" or Classic Rock because 90% of todays so called artist have NO TALENT WHATSOEVER! It's sad when I am only buying music from the likes of Neil Young and such because I know I can trust their talents. RAP SUCKS!

ashon@uclink4.berkeley.edu's picture

Sixpence None The Richer Girly pop music, but hey, I like it.

Steve Kindig's picture

Somewhere Near Paterson by Richard Shindell. Bought this CD a week ago and have listened to it at home and in the car. Several songs are strikingly good, and there's not a real dud in the batch. Great singing and playing, with clean production from Larry Campbell. Recommended for fans of progressive folk or thoughtful pop.

Sead Zunic's picture

Dave's True Story-"Unautorished" Alanis Morisset "MTV-Unpluged"++++

mailto:d98jhl@efd.lth.se's picture

Rollins Band "Get some, go again" Henry Rollins has gathered new band members from Mother Superior, and is back with better sound than ever. I'm very satisfied.

mailto:d98jhl@efd.lth.se's picture

Rollins Band, "Get Some, Go Again." Henry Rollins has gathered new bandmembers from Mother Superior, and is back with better sound than ever. I'm very satisfied.

Peter Lindstr's picture

Jim Hall & Pat Metheny (Telarc CD-83442). The sound is great but the music doesn

Ed's picture

Liquid Skin by Gomez. Very very good.

Michael Crespo's picture

Ani DiFranco, "Not a Pretty Girl" on CD. It sounds pretty good for a CD, but I wish she would release on vinyl.

Stephen Curling's picture

Robert Miles,"23." Much improved over the previous album; the bass now has a more in-phase sound to it, and definitely deeper bass. The music is sharp and clear, very focused.



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diana krall

Guy White's picture

John Lewis, "Evolution," as recommended by Michael Fremer. Thanks, Mikey. The piano is in my room, and it's HDCD to boot.