What is the most recent CD or LP you've purchased? Is it any good?

What is the most recent CD or LP you've purchased? Is it any good?
Here it is:
95% (150 votes)
I don't buy music.
1% (1 vote)
Can't remember . . .
4% (7 votes)
Total votes: 158

This question is an attempt to quickly take the pulse of audiophile music tastes this month: What music have you just bought?

M D Chubb's picture

Gold' from Frank Sinatra. Some sort of compilation from EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets (whatever that means). I figure every audiophile should have at least one from Ole Blue Eyes" in their collection. But would you believe I found it at a "dollar store"?

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israel vibration-live en bra inspelning med mycket gung

Henry N.'s picture

Michael Brecker: Time Is Of The Essence. Try Renessaince Man and find out yourself whether it's any good...

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Sam's picture

The Cure, "Bloodflowers." Excellent! Get it!

Peter Stockwell's picture

Cold Dog Soup: mesmerizing.

Jim Treanor's picture

Mahler's Seventh Symphony, conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas on RCA. World-class performance and sonics.

Tian Liu's picture

Songs from the Last Century - George Michael Glimmer - Kim Richey Going to buy Joni Mitchel's lastest

George Conduso's picture

Try Bryan Ferry's "As Time Goes By". A collection of standards done by a "rock" artist. His interpretations respect the tradition yet are fresh sounding. Try it. You may discover that this type of music really is for you!

Carl Chernoff's picture

Classic's 24/96 DVD-Audio of "Casino Royale."

A Drinker with A Hi-Fi Problem's picture

La Bohème, RCA's CD reissue. This analog recording sounds better than any digital recording in my collection.

Wayne's picture

CD - "Two Against Nature" by Steely Dan. Yes its good!

Mr.  Allen's picture

Jazz and R$b

kotoole7@earthlink.net's picture

Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell. Absolutely gorgeous music, musicianship, and singing. With HDCDs that sound this good, I can wait for the format wars to end and let someone else's dimes pay for it.

rca@worldcom.ch's picture

Skala Sikaminias by Joe Krencker. Musically and sonically a fantastic CD from this little-known bassist.

Paul Malkoski's picture

Eric Taylor, "Eric Taylor," 1995 recording on Watermelon. Bought it after a friend let me hear it. Outstanding singer-songwriter who should be much better known. Well-recorded, with one of the nicest-sounding acoustic guitars I've heard.

Jason Speer's picture

Diana Krall Love Scenes

Andrew Jones's picture

Pink Floyd's "Is There Anybody Out There?" double CD—excellent music and sound quality. Hardback booklet is stupendous.

Steve Joyce's picture

This is How Men Cry by Marc Jordan. It's a great album that is heavily jazz influenced. It's about time, too! Marc Jordan is one of Canada's secrets—a great pop songwriter whose songs have been selected by the likes of Manhattan Transfer, Rod Stewart, Cher, and Natalie Cole. Marc has finally discovered jazz, and he's pretty damned good at it! Highly recommended.

DJW's picture

Dianna Krall's latest, it's damn good. Great charts, well-performed, well-recorded.

R Levesque's picture

Steely Dan's 2 Against Nature Its not a audiophile CD by the, I listen to my equipment not the music standard. It just a good clean studio recording with great tunes on it.

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new Al Jarreau - only listened to it once so far

John P.'s picture

I'm almost ashamed to admit I haven't bought any music since I was on Christmas vacation in Dallas. I then found at a used CD shop well preserved copies of "Heart of a Woman" by Etta James and "Three Sides to Every Story" by Extreme. My last new CD purchase was made a few weeks before that with a music/book/video store gift certificate which began burning a hole in my pocket immediately after I received it,...leafing casually through one of the racks, I happened upon a Mobile Fidelity CD of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Rick Wakeman, et al. High on my current wish list are some vintage rock and pop (e.g., Led Zeppelin, Heart, Beach Boys), the Anonymous 4, and a different performance of "Peer Gynt" than I have now.

Karrie's picture

Oasis--Standing on the Shoulder of Giants--

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been too broke buying equipement!!!

Stan Kochanek's picture

Stravinsky's "Petrouchka," "Rite of Spring," "Fireworks," RCA 63311-2. These are 30-year-old recordings reissued with "High Performance" technology (24-bit/96kHz). This is as good as digital recording gets, apparently, but a lot of other things had to be done just right to get a result of such sparkling clarity and dynamic range, not the least of which are these wonderful interpretations from Seiji Ozawa and the Boston/Chicago Symphonies.

Jeff Picasso's picture

The latest LPs are the DCC pressings of the Doors' "The Doors" and "Strange Days". The latest CD is Satana's "Supernatural". Great music on all three!

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i bought 3 last trip,Steely Dan"Two Against Nature"intelligent rock 3 out of 4 stars , still beats 99 % of music that comes out, second was new CSN&Y 2 1/2 out of 4 stars, not bad,see them live 3 1/2 hours when they came to Houston, last cd was Kelli Willis new one, best unknown country artist 4 of 4 stars.

thad6000@hotmail.com's picture

The 1985 S/T LP, Le Shok's "We Are Electrocution"; The Audience S/T LP; John Zorn's "String Quartets" CD. All beautiful in their own special ways.

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'Thin Red Line' soundtrack music by Hans Zimmer And I love it.