What is the most recent CD or LP you've purchased? Is it any good?

What is the most recent CD or LP you've purchased? Is it any good?
Here it is:
95% (150 votes)
I don't buy music.
1% (1 vote)
Can't remember . . .
4% (7 votes)
Total votes: 158

This question is an attempt to quickly take the pulse of audiophile music tastes this month: What music have you just bought?

Dave's picture

Purchased the following: Rimsky-Korsakov-Scheherazade (Ref.Rec); Bizet-Carmen (BMG High Performance); Dvorak-Rusalka/Renee Fleming (London); Jacintha-Autumn Leaves, Diana Krall-When I Look in Your Eyes; Lorna Hunt-All In One Day and Sinatra-'57 In Concert.

Elihpoidua's picture

Patrica Barber's "Companion." It is wonderful, in a way only a live cut can be. The vocals on "Let it Rain" are so real it's scary.

James R.  Garvin's picture

This question comes at a bad and rather embarrassing time. In the "I'll give 'em one more chance" category, I purchased the Scorpions' latest, "Eye II Eye." Other than the first three tracks, which prove that the Scorpions have been listening to the Stone Temple Pilots, it is pretty forgettable.

D.  Cline's picture

Marc Antoine, "Universal Language" (c. 2000), GRP 314 543 061. Brass and guitars in a kind of ?modern jazz theme. Heard it while shopping for CDs at the local A&B retailer. One of the better reasons to shop is the background music selections from some of the Jazz/Classical sales personnel.

Chris Chandler's picture

My most recent LP is "Bat out of Hell, Part 2" by Meatloaf (on Virgin). As for CD, my most recent is "King of the Delta Blues Singers, Vol. 1" by Robert Johnson.

Dale Bumann's picture

A German import from 1991 titled "The Best of Golden Earring." Features 14 tracks prior to 1981 and includes the full 19-minute version of "Eight Miles High." Been a fan of G.E. since Moontan and can't wait to purchase the double live "Last Blast of the Century."

Tim Calkins's picture

Herbie Hancock: Flood. It is an import that is incredibly funky. This is even better than Headhunters and it has most of the same tracks.

Pauli Peura's picture

Eros Ramazzotti: Eros I like it a lot. :)

Michael Chernay's picture

Mark Knopfler "Golden Heart"

Bill Huey, Atlanta's picture

Miles Davis and Gil Evans. I can't remember the title, and I'll bet Miles would have liked to have forgotten this one as well. I bought it for a specific tune, "My Ship," because I have several versions and wanted to hear what Miles did with it. Well, I coudn't hear much because of Gil Evans' overblown orchestration, which plagues this CD throughout. Mostly it's a strange collection of jazz standards and Broadway tunes. The only one that makes this CD worth keeping is Miles' rendition of "Summertime." Evans wisely keeps to the background on this one, and of course Miles doing his thing is always something to behold. Not recommended, unless you want a sixties version of "Summertime."

Kurt's picture

Steely Dan - Two Against Nature CD format. It sounds fantastic. Steely Dan as always came through whith a great album and very well engineered .

Chris S.'s picture

I needed something with a little edge to it, so I picked up a stack of discs by Front Line Assembly and Fear Factory. I love the looks I get from the neighbors after a good Fear Factory listening session, followed by something soft by Alana Davis or even Beethoven.

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Tom Selnau's picture

Carlos Santana "Supernatural".

Scot Forier's picture

I honestly can't remember when I last purchased a CD. It was definitely before Christmas and it was a rock CD.

John Valvano's picture

Monte Montgomery: Mirror

Norman L.  Bott's picture

The complete Works of Edgar Varese on Decca. The Rake's Progress with Bryn Terfel etc. Estonian Chamber Music for Flute, Violin and Guitar on Finlandia Records, String Quartets of Schoenberg on Praga Label, Violin Concertos of John Carbon, Chumbley etc on NMC records. I appreciate the chance to answer this question. Actually, I have recently acquired many of eXchange series on CRI and Jordi Savalli recordings on Astree. I think I have a sickness or I like music too much. You decide.

Rick Nelson's picture

Rivers by Patrick Leonard in DTS

Stephen W.  Sweigart's picture

Sir Charles Mackerras:Brahms;Serenades #1 & 2; Telarc CD-80522 Excellent.

Louis Cantin's picture

Nick Kane's Songs in the Key of E LList records Alain Souchon's Au Ras les Paquerettes Virgin France Great great stuffffffff!

David R's picture

Godsmack, Eagle-eye Cherry--Disireless, Red Hot Chilli Peppers--Californication, Buckcherry As you can tell most to all of my music is not reviewed in the hallowed halls of this magazine. Hell I will offer to do it for free, or for the price of 1 cd just to get items reviewed that deserve it.

Bruce W.'s picture

Phish: "Hampton Comes Alive." If you like Phish live, this is the best. If you don't, I feel sorry for you. This is a 6-CD set that is pretty well recorded and is always enjoyable. It kind of reminds you of why you could possibly stand out there in the Everglades from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day and listen to four guys just loving what they do. It's almost like the '60s all over again.

Al Marcy's picture

Pentangle's "Pentangle"

I.M.  Outthere's picture

Asleep At The Wheel's "Ride With Bob." Makes me 'bout as happy as a gopher in soft dirt.

Toan's picture

Smashing Pumpkins' music is okay, but does it have to sound so horrible??

Dan Landen's picture

Barnabas- Thier first two albums on one CD, Hear the Light and Find Your Heart A Home. A rerelease of two of the most avant garde Christian hard rock albums of the period way back in 1980 and 1982. The production or should I say remixing or remastering isn't too bad but I do know for sure it is better than the other rereleases of thiers. Had to order it online since music of this type is a very niche category.

Martin Bruczkowski's picture

4 CDs of flute concertos and sonatas on Naxos label. Good stuff. Also DCC gold edition of Pet Sounds. And lots, lots more...

Eirik's picture

It's the reissue of Miles Davis Kind of blue" cd. Good? One of the best albums ever.

Kaleid's picture

Recoil, "Liquid" (fantastic detail, dynamics, & production). Tom Waits, "Hold On." Nick Cave, "Secret Life of the Love Song." Ordered: Einst

Ashim Zaman's picture

Metallica, "S&M." William Orbit, "Pieces of . . . " Mariah Carey, "Rainbow." Massive Attack, "Mezzaine" (I still need to listen to this). Smashing Pumpkins, "Adore." Thanks, Robert, "S&M" is funny and entertaining. This is the first time I bought something from reading one of your articles.