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What media player software do you use?
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I read an article in another magazine about Media Monkey having it all over Windows Media Player so I downloaded it and gave it a shot. I have most of my cds ripped at full rez and a growing collection of 24 bit 96 vinyl rips. They sound great through WMP, so I was quite eager to hear the highly praised Media Monkey.

It sucked. It sounded like I was listening to badly recorded cassettes. No highs, it was flat and lifeless. My wife made a face from the kitchen and asked me what I had done to ruin the sound.

I imagine that I have some setting wrong, but out of the box through my XP system with a M-audio 2496 sound card, it was not worth having.

I also have foobar downloaded, but it would take me weeks to configure it for my system. So I am currently quite pleased with the results I get from Media Player.

What do the rest of you use and is there some simple mistake I made with Media Monkey?


Foobar...nothing else comes close.

It has a small footprint, minimal resource usage, highly customizeable, ASIO output, myriad DSP options, CD burning(new version does it natively), FLAC/SHN/APE capability(actually, any audio format)

Ill help you set it up if you want...it really isnt that hard....let me know, and i will walk you through it.

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