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What "hi-fi" system to get?

Evening people.
While renewing my system (PC) Im poundering to also upgrade my sound systems.
What I have at the moment is an old creative inspire t2900, and a x-fi extreme music.
Now, as I said, im working/trying to upgrade ALL my system. And that includes the speakers.
And, as many others Im sure, my PC space, is not only my workspace but overall my multimedia space, I work, surf, play, watch movies, videos and listen to music on my computer. And i want to take the sound aspects of such to the next level.
With my x-fi, I have the option to "simulate" surround sound, or..well...mp3 files aside of being "crystalized" can be "forced" to play in surround; i want to finally use fully that feature, as well as enjoy 5.1 channels in dvd and blue ray and videogames.
But, the question then, is.....what surround system to get? which one?
Bear in mind that (unfortunately) I just wont be able to throw more than 3000 at such HT, actually I will struggle a bit to reach and barely surpass the 2000 mark, so, with that info, please let me know what can i get, that performs well, giving the most crystal clear possible audio and LOUDER.

Despite my intentions, I will discard the bang & olufsen beolab3, for the price factor mentioned above, despite the kinky looks they keep sending me
Not to mention that i want 5.1 channels, so....

What do you suggest guys???
After a fast search on internet, i have a few options that overall-so far, seem to be ok:
Polk Audio RM6750 5.1
Polk Audio RM10 though this one seems to lack subwoofer, but....

Energy 5.1 take classic home entertainment system

Definitive technology pro cinema 600

Boston Acoustics Horizon Series MCS130 5.1-Channel Surround Speaker System

Or, build a system with NHT speakers like this:

Those are pretty much the contenders so far, with the possible addition of something from Cerwin-Vega or JBL, though I still cant find enough info nor packs.
Which brings me to another question, since on many of this systems I didnt find (or catched) lots or any info about its powering......Do any of these options have built in amps???
It would be a lil bit annoying to also have to find an amplifier to handle the 5.1 system, so any suggestion/ help will be highly appreciated.
Also remember that my output will be an x-fi extreme music, perhaps not the greatest audiophile card/device, but is what I got, and for better or worse i wont be able to upgrade it for some time.

I...I think that pretty much sums it all. If you have any comments/suggestions on these systems, or, if you have suggestions for better options still on the aformentioned budget, please post'em, so I can check'em up and see if i can get it.

Hope this newbie questions doesn't annoy someone or many; and sorry for posting here too, I didn't know where could be the proper sub forum to post my questions.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: What "hi-fi" system to get?

Welcome to the forum, gallinazo, however I don't necessarily think the Stereophile board is the best place to get answers to these questions.

While I am sure there are plenty of folks here who enjoy home theater and video gaming the focus is really on musical reproduction, and then with the emphasis firmly on straightforward stereo ("2.0" or "2.1"). Things like "Crystallizer" and "Simulated Surround Sound" are generally regarded as the work of the devil, I suspect both were developed very much with gamers in mind and don't really help the cause of audio fidelity.

Now, if your question had been "How do I get the highest fidelity two-channel sound within X budget?" you probably would have had ten responses by now and a lively debate about the relative merits of Squeezebox vs USB DAC would have ensued.

I hope you get some helpful answers to your questions but I would also recommend you post on some PC or Home Theater Boards to cover all the bases.

Good luck!

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