What great audio products have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press?

What great audio products have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press?
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Reader Mike Agee asks: "I'd like to hear about great audio products that have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press. I realize there are many reasons why this might happen, from manufacturer reluctance [to submit review samples] to bad timing in the marketplace, but we all know there are a real winners out there that never made a recommended list."

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The original Sunfire 2 channel power amplifier. It came out about the same time Stereophile reviewed the twice as expensive Carver power amp that Bob Carver hadn't quite finished before they parted ways. He finished what he was looking for with the Sunfire amp and it was a great product. It never got a pass at Stereophile. To bad. It's current capabilty was great and it ran cool all the time, never clipped & had solid sound. Sam should have reviewed it because at $2200 or so

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Nola (Formerly Alon) speakers.

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AMC Tubed Pre-amps and amps. These are some of the biggest bargains in all of audiophile land and no one reviews them. I love my AMC CVT-1030 which has served me well for over six years with lovely beautiful sound.

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Spectral Rockport Berkeley Audio

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"TBI Magellan subwoofers: fast bass, accurate bass, musical bass, subs that sonically disappear and integrate well with the main loudspeakers. In addition, they propagate bass in a way that will rattle the room much less that conventional subs."

This is perhaps one of the greatest kept secrets in the audiophile community... the mystery is "why!" I bought the VIP powered version plus a 6" slave unit several years ago off of Ebay and have sense been totally amazed at why it has not been given the recognition it deserves. I set it up in a well-hidden location behind my TV and the wife absolutely could not locate the source of the bass notes except as coming from my front two stereo speakers! Talk about a "disappearing act."

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Both have been underreported in the audio press.

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Salk Sound HT3s & d-sonic amplifiers

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Green Mountain Audio speakers, I have the Callisto monitors. Wow...