What great audio products have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press?

What great audio products have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press?
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Reader Mike Agee asks: "I'd like to hear about great audio products that have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press. I realize there are many reasons why this might happen, from manufacturer reluctance [to submit review samples] to bad timing in the marketplace, but we all know there are a real winners out there that never made a recommended list."

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Yes, the big magazines, for known and “unknown” or rather unmentioned reasons, do overlook many great audio products. Some manufacturers lack any aggression in marketing their products, but leave that to their dealers. One manufacturer was banned by two publications (one paper and one web) because he complained, rightfully and correctly, about the reviews of his products. Shockingly, reviewers do have more sensitive egos that their alleged golden ears. So, here are a few of the under reviewed but great products I have encountered. MSB Power DAC: this DAC comes very close to replicating master tapes from well-mastered CDs, and will vastly improve all CDs. It is also battery powered which takes it off the noisy, fluctuating power grid and totally isolates the power input from your other gear. TBI Magellian subwoofers: fast bass, accurate bass, musical bass, subs that sonically disappear and integrate well with the main loudspeakers. In addition, they propagate bass in a way that will rattle the room much less that conventional subs. Flying Mole monoblocks amplifiers. These are beautiful sounding amps that operate in Class D mode with an integrated Switch-Mode Power Supply. They have the best features of both tubes and solid-state, but none of their faults. They are also the greenest amps around with up to 85% operating efficiency. Jaton Operatta amplifiers are terrific values and deserve reviews. Supra also makes some great cables that are rarely mentioned in this country but are popular in their native Norway and Europe.

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1.TW Acustic Raven One 2.Aqvox 2CI Balanced Phono Stage 3.Dynavector XX-2 Mk II Cartridge

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Wyetech Labs and Audio Aero.

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Some equipment that's especially suited to listening while sitting at a computer workstation—powered "studio monitor" speakers from Genelec, Dynaudio, and Mackie. In particular, the combination of Mackie HR624mkII monitors and the Mackie HRS120 Sub; or the even more compact Dynaudio BM5A Compacts with the BM9S Sub. Love to hear Marks or Atkinson weigh in.

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That's a trick question if ever I have heard (sic) one, because if its great its been reviewed in Stereophile of course!

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Salksound HT3 speakers, or any of Jim's speakers for that matter.

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Pathos Endorphin; Audia Flight (any of their equipment).

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I love my Analysis Plus speaker cables and the interconnects and the power cords. Please do some reviews in Stereophile.

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Metronome Technologie CD transports. Plinius Amplifiers.

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Gallo Reference 3.1 speaker. Zu Audio Druid speaker. Both affordable speakers got noticed by some "underground" reviewers, and Stereophile seemed about to review the Gallo, but nothing happened.

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A Swedish loudspeaker brand called Respons. The model Baby Grand was voted best in test by fidelity in Norway this spring 2008. A gem yet to be discovered by music lovers—the audio Rolex.

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Newform Research speakers. Power cords, any brand. They make a big difference.

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Monarchy Audio. C. C.Poon has made some great products which the mainstream seems to largly ignore.

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Jolida hybrid integrated amps—sweet sound, great value. If everyone could hear these, there'd be more audiophiles. I've never seen these reviewed.

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Unison Research

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Jadis tube electronics. Accuphase electronics.

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Jolida JD300B single-end triode integrated amplifier. 9W of pure bliss with upgraded tubes and a pair of Klipschorns!

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While recently visiting Hart Huschens of AUDIO ADVANCEMENTS LLC in New Jersey, I came upon a line of products worth mentioning. Hart has introduced the first of a series of new turntables, all of which are marked by most simple yet very effective features which can truly be called novel. Sculpted from a single piece vibration-free Finnland birch, and incorporating a graphite layer for the arm board, this combination makes for superior sonics. Each turntable is custom-built to the client's request for personalized features and specifications, utilizing either a single or a double motor setup with advanced tape drive, and is almost entirely hand-crafted. One of the many options available is a magnetically suspended platter.

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The Odyssey Stratos amplifiers, especially the Monos. Who else gives a 20-year transferrable warranty?

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EPI's smaller loudspeakers from the 1970's-early 80's. They were very rationally designed, extremely smooth and accurate, and were even at the time CHEAP CHEAP. The last point is probably why Consumer Reports liked them and audio magazines ignored them. I still have a set of 100's. For music that doesn't need that last octave of bass or playing at 95+ dB, they are wonderful and work well even with a low-power amp.

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Revolver Guitar Amplifiers http://revolveramps.com

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Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1

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Purist 20th Anniversary Interconnects, power cords, speaker cables

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Klipsch K-Horns Klipsch Cornwall Klipsch Heresy

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The Aerial Model 6 speakers.I went through several full size speakers in my 12'X18' room and found these too overpowering.I auditioned many smaller 2-ways which just didn't have enough bass.The 3-way Aerials had a small footprint, had better articulation,went deeper, and with an REL sub in the corner matched my room perfectly.

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Lavry DA10 DAC; DH Labs Revelation IC's.

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AtmaSphere MA-1 amps AtmaSphere MP-1 preamp

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Avalon Acoustics and Shindo

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Quad solid state amplifiers

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Rega Speakers- Criminally overlooked in the States because the company is pigeonholed as a hardware manufacturer. Cayin iDAC - the best bang for the buck upgrade to any digital serving system.