What great audio products have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press?

What great audio products have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press?
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Reader Mike Agee asks: "I'd like to hear about great audio products that have managed to go under-reviewed in the audio press. I realize there are many reasons why this might happen, from manufacturer reluctance [to submit review samples] to bad timing in the marketplace, but we all know there are a real winners out there that never made a recommended list."

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Entry level Krell Evolution 222 preamp and 302 power amp

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Aragon Palladium monoblock amplifier. It originated with Mondial Designs, then morphed cosmetically after Klipsch acquired the company. Sadly, now out of production. Straightforward, bulletproof design. Great sound at a reasonable price.

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Etalon, from Hungary, made by a genius.

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Michell GyroDec

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Hyperion Sound Design HPS-938 and 968 speakers. Fabulous buys!

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Xavian speakers from Czech Republic. YBA.

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Audio Research CD3 mkII

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ATC speakers—especially the "domestic" range.

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I can name several low price cables but more substantial products are from Intellgent Sound that makes some lovely speakers, the IS8 Pro for instance. But I blame bad marketing more than audio press negligence.

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1) Notthingham Space 294 (especially if the effects of the Heavy platter and Wave Mechanic line conditioner are examined as well). 2) Any/all of the Linn Akurate series

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Tom Evans Audio Design gear has not been reviewed in print in the USA. It is unique, great sounding stuff from Wales, UK.

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Super high gain can handle any super low output moving coil cart.  Adjustable capacitance.  Adjustable impedance.  Adjustable gain levels in eight different settings.  Compatible with just about everything out there and will make it sing.  Tube musicality.  $500.  Amazing value...  Why don't all phono pres have these features???

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New Audio Frontiers TUBE Preamp Absolute

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LSA Audio's "LSA2 reference"

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Kimber Select cables & interconnects. Maybe I just missed it but they're awfully good. And not since Edith Lumley do I remember anyone really discussing cable elevation.

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Bryston. They produce a consistantly superior product, offer reasonable upgrades and an outstanding warranty, but don't charge what Krell or Levinson or...does, so they are frequently overlooked by equipment-o-philes.

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Everytime I think I have found the limit of my BP-25 preamp I realize it is never the thing holding back my system.  Thus I have never upgraded the damn thing.  It is class A output.  It has balanced ins and outs.  It is unbreakable and has a 20 year warrantee.  Show me any preamp as well laid out and musical sounding and I will eat my words.  My god some preamps don't even have a balance control anymore.  How do guys get them to focus the soundstage at all?  Why aren't all preamps this well designed?  A huge value for the money.

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Tact Audio

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Musical Fidelity A5 integrated amp. I've only seen one at 6 Moons.

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The Zhaolu DAC—great little DAC for not a lot of money!

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The Omamha OD-300B Amplifier. A great sounding 300B SET amplifier and a very attractive price

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Bryston stuff is well known, but taken for granted, & a lot of the new stuff they put out is never reviewed.

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Stage 3 Concepts cables. All silver cables. Very nice. Made in Brooklyn!

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There were very few reviews of high-end multi-disc CD players when I wanted one and I wonder why? I had to settle for a used McIntosh.

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AMC 2030 amp AMC 3030 Integrated Both are overachievers. 30W of Class A for under a grand.

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Axiom speakers and some other "Internet only" companies. Come on, Stereophile, take a chance! Be a little more flexible with your crtieria for reviewing products. Times are changing, keep up. Brick and mortar aren't for everyone.

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Naim amplification

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I'd like to see how some of the DIY amps out there stack up. Like the diytube ST35 or tubelab.com's tubelab SE.