What is the goofiest product or product category in high-end audio?

High-end audio has always supported a fringe element of manufacturers who make bizarre products backed up by loopy "research." Curious, strange, or just plain silly, these products, and the claims made for them, have given the audio hobby a sort of "Flat Earth Society" cult reputation.

What is the goofiest product or product category in high-end audio?
Ultra-expensive low-power amplifiers
7% (14 votes)
Ceremonial listening aids (small items that affect sound)
34% (67 votes)
Magic clocks with "programmed electrons"
17% (34 votes)
Cable "trees"
1% (2 votes)
Water-encased speaker cables
12% (24 votes)
Illuminated speaker cables
12% (23 votes)
Other (please explain)
16% (31 votes)
Total votes: 195

Dana Bunner's picture

To fully answer your question I would need to add another 5 choices and then check "All of the above." The audiophile world is incredibly susceptible to silly claims, and this includes some Stereophile reviewers.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

If I am ever caught in the possession of a Shun Mook product, please have me committed.

Jim's picture

I mean, Why?

Meng Keat Ng's picture

I accept that speaker cables affect the sound but isn't this going too far?

Gary W.  Tabor's picture

What's the point???

Alfredo Martel's picture

Water and illuminated cables run a close second. Of course, Peter Belt's accesories do not count because they are overqualified goofywise.

Louie Jones's picture

Best used in Southern California during severe droughts, it seems that El Nino has killed the need for this emergency supply of water.

Rosano Cellucci's picture

Green Pens...Seismic Sinks...Shatki Stones.. Pointed things...CD mats...Why can't we just take the damn components out of the box..plug them in and enjoy them??

Anonymous's picture

all of the above

R.  Harms's picture

10.000 Mpingo discs in your listening room might have an acoustic effect. You'd better buy CD's or LP's.

Anonymous's picture

Anything else is all wet.