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What to expect from a properly set-up dipole system

My room is ca 70sq mtrs and very asymmetric. Nevertheless, with Chesky Records Test File #47, the phantom scene is more than 20ft deep and with precise instrument location, as well in depth as in lateral position.
Speakers are only 8ft apart and cannot be audibly located:

Scroll down here to "setup2021"
to see the picture for the Chesky Track #47.

Cheers, Frank

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I suspect that test track

I suspect that test track will sound great in almost any room. The track is optimized for soundstage and instrument separation. It’s like the test track for stereo image on the Opus 3 test record.

The test track on the XLO Test CD is the preferred method for obtaining the absolute best speaker locations for any speakers in any room.side note: the XLO Test CD also points out that most speakers are too far apart. I suspect that’s because we tend to believe that wider speaker separation results in wider stereo image. The XLO Test CD suggests starting off with speakers relatively close together, say 4 or 5 feet apart, and slowly moving them farther apart using the speaker setup track as a guide.

Guessing or even using the “move a little, listen a little” technique without a speaker setup track is not very effective in finding the absolute best speaker locations. The best you can hope for is finding a local maximum. Without a definite plan of attack like the XLO Test CD the quest of finding the optimum speaker locations is like trying to solve x simultaneous equations in x + n unknowns.

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