What do you wear to demo audio equipment?

What do you wear to demo audio equipment?
I try to look like I have a lot of money.
11% (22 votes)
I try to look like I don't have any money.
12% (25 votes)
Don't think about it.
77% (158 votes)
Total votes: 205

We know from reading the press reports that folks who shop on the Internet are wearing their bathrobes

Steve Joyce's picture

I know Mark, the owner of our local shop (SoundStage), and he knows me. No need to impress anyone.

Ted J's picture

Usual everyday attire, nothing special.

Felix Y.  Lui, MD's picture

Okay, no suit and tie, but comfortably tasteful and probably just a touch classier than usual. It's a sad but honest fact that if you want anyone to pay attention to you at a high-end store, then you have to look like a customer. Being younger (I'm 27) makes it all the harder to get anyone to answer questions or be able to listen to equipment. It's discriminatory, but a sad fact of life.

Charlie W.'s picture

I am a coat-and-tie person during weekdays, and jeans and T-shirts on weekends. What I've noticed is I get better service when I have on my my coat and tie. Most of my purchases, however, were made when I was unshaven and had on my faded jeans.

MJ's picture

I dress like I'm dressed. I do get treated differently depending on how I'm dressed, but that's their problem, not mine.

Kevin Peterson's picture

In truth I don't think about it. Although I know that places I have gone into have discounted me because of my tender years. Pitty.

John Valvano's picture

If I have to think about what I am wearing to go to a particular store then I probably will never go to that store.

Patrick's picture

If you go to a reputable shop, they should help regardless of your looks. Of course, there is a difference between looking normal and wearing just a bathrobe. If they offer assistance to normal looking folks, then thats a good thing. My experience is not based on what you wear but how old you look. High end shops ALWAYS, in my recent trips, hit the upper generation listens before talking to me. They just lost a $1000+ sale. Next shop please. By the way I'm almost 30, dress in jeans and a polo shirt when I visit a brick and mortar shop.

Mike Miller,mongo@pond.net's picture

I once was told at the local high end shop that I don't look like I have any money. That was just after I had told him about another shop. He knows I do have alittle money as I just left him some for my gear.

Anonymous's picture

You want the M*****F****** sales people to leave you alone!

Mike M.'s picture

The sales staff always aproach with the assumption that I'm looking for a low-end component. But once the realize that I know what I'm talking about and that I'm not interested in the low end, dressing down ca usually get me better pricing on high end components.

Peter Klucken (Germany)'s picture

Ha, ha, ha, this was the funniest question ever asked by good old stereophile !!

Rodent Man's picture

I usually wear a sleeveless shirt which reveals extensive squirrel tattooing. Salespeople usually don't bother me but will help when they see I am "serious."

Rob Cornelson's picture

Because I don't drive I sometimes rollerblade to the shop typically wearing jeans and a t- shirt! The look they give me when I tell them I'm ready to buy something is too funny!

John Rocksavage's picture

Custom made suit buy Turnbull & Asser in London, custom made shirt by Charvet in Paris, Shoes by Hermes/Loeb, Tie by Hermes. Then I ask for a 20% discount and I usually get it.