What do you think has happened to SACD and DVD-Audio?

What do you think has happened to SACD and DVD-Audio?
48% (112 votes)
Mortally wounded
20% (46 votes)
Gone underground
22% (50 votes)
Doing okay
7% (16 votes)
Alive and kicking
3% (7 votes)
Total votes: 231

High-resolution audio has gone quiet in recent months. Or has it? What do you think has happened to SACD and DVD-Audio?

Ray Kujawa, subsriber's picture

Seeing new SACD releases all the time. Have bought lots of great ones. Prefer lots to CD. DVD-Audio releases are few and far between. Wish there were more.

Geoffrey Dubson's picture

Classical music on SACD is a wonder, but it does expose the limits of speakers and other equipment. If you've got the right stuff, and enjoy listening, it's the only way to go. I recommend some of the old stuff being re-released on SACD, including anything by Bob Dylan and the old RCA Living Stereo series.

Edw.A.Roth's picture

Perhaps if the powers that be had given us digital this good from the start, instead of a rushed and half-finished technology, we would not be having this quandary now.

emil-romania's picture

Yes. They are the last bastion of quality. Pity.

j.s.'s picture

Two years ago I set out to buy a SACD player and I ended up with a turntable instead. I was really hoping that SACD recordings would sound more natural, less like electronic reproduction of music. This is what I found LPs sounded like. I get tired of digitally reproduced sound in about 30 minutes. I can play LPs all day long and not feel tired of the sound at all.

mister audio's picture

Dead. Very unfortunate, but it's true.

A music lover's picture

When people pay $1 for an FM radio quality song, why bother with hi-res formats? The art is getting lost in the digital compressed world of music production and distribution. Lo-Fi is in. Is it the consumers fault? I don't think so. The whole industry puts quantity above quality: too many substandard releases. Then the 5.1 hype: Buy 5 bad speakers for the price of two good ones. It's a big mess and the consumer is confused and drowned in crap.

Mike Whaley's picture

I prefer DVD Audio

Steve's picture

If they got on the HMDI bandwagon it might survive....NOT...its DEAD!

Michael Holmes's picture

Really Sad--I was convinced!!

Peter's picture

ECD-A completely dead, SACD is hanging on in classical recordings, especially outside of North America, from what I've heard.