What do you sit in when listening to your system?

What do you sit in when listening to your system?
An overstuffed chair
7% (20 votes)
A normally stuffed chair
17% (51 votes)
A La-Z-Boy
12% (34 votes)
An unstuffed chair
6% (17 votes)
A couch
37% (109 votes)
A bench
0% (0 votes)
A rocking chair
2% (6 votes)
Other . . .
14% (42 votes)
Chairs are for wimps---I stand!
3% (8 votes)
I sit on the floor
2% (6 votes)
I lie on the floor
0% (1 vote)
Total votes: 294

Reader Doug Cline just bought a new La-Z-Boy and likes the way it feels, but wonders about its effect on the sound. What do you prefer for listening?

Fred Baker, MD's picture

Actually, I sit on that old, green chair that those two guys dumped in that VW car commercial.

Rich Mack's picture

Sometimes I hang from the ceiling for special effects.

Nick Lemons's picture

In college, you gotta make due with what you have :) And what I have up here is a great-sounding stereo for a minimal amount of money. No money left over for a chair :(

Stephen Terry's picture

Comfort in sitting relates to comfort in listening. If I am not comfortable with the way I am sitting, then I find it distracting to listen.

Chris S.'s picture

When I listen, I'm usually in a tufted leather office chair. I like the mobility I get with the casters: a quick roll to the CD rack, another to the transport. But when I really want to give a piece of music its due, I get up and dance.

Mike Green's picture

I prefer a padded office chair with pneumatic height adjustment. It's as comfortable as anything else I've tried, and it allows for easier optimization of listening height than trying to find speaker stands of precisely the optimum height. The back of the chair I use is below my shoulders; I'm not sure that a chair with a back that extended much higher wouldn't have a deleterious effect on the sound caused by reflections from the chair back.

Graeme Nattress's picture

The chair is from Ikea and is comfy, but music sounds best in the dark, with no clothes on, spectacles removed, feet up, and only the glowing valves keeping you warm. :-)

carl's picture

Something comfy is always nice...but try layind down sideways to the speakers. Do you still love the music and can you still appreciate the Performance as well as the Engineeeriing involved....Hmmmm?

Paul Thomas's picture

I'm a big pacer of floors, so even though there's a couch, I prefer to stand. Actually, I groove around the room while I'm listening and contemplating the next CD.

Jim Pecyna's picture

Low back please. I also purchased to high back leather Lazy Boys. High backs just do not work.

Mannie Smith's picture

A couch - it's in a real-world den - what can I say?

Mike Barker's picture

With an ottoman for a table. With a chair you need tables on one or either side for your food, wine or beer. And tables are hard wood or metal, distort the sound. With a couch you can place stuff on the cushions on either side of you or sit with friends or next to your girlfriend. And with the ottoman you can put your feet up and relax.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

Actually, I listen to music in a variety of positions, but serious listening is on the couch. Okay, an ideally sited chair might be better, but I don't have a dedicated listening room, and I want a wide sweet spot so other people can enjoy too.

jack t.'s picture

Computer Desk Chair, my new speakers have lower tweaters so i just lower my chair an inch or two.

Vance Chiang's picture

I find that music sounds better while standing up. Don't you?

William Jacke's picture

I sit in my car. I have a Theta Digital TLC and Cobalt A with Dynaudio speakers. Amplifiers are "Class A" by Soundstream. Audio Control EQL does the equalizing, and a 4XS is the active filter. Sound is awesome!

R.  Vaughan's picture

An all leather recliner over stuffed. A great gift from my wife

george's picture

propped up in bed with a bunch of over stuffed pillows. cancels reflections.. improves imaging

Thom Boughton's picture


Eric W.  Sarjeant's picture

Although I will sometimes sit on the floor, my LazyBoy recliner is the preferred sweet spot.

John in Tampa's picture

I use a couch with three seat cushions. When I place my right cheek in the crevice between the first and second cushions, everything seems to come together.

Norm Strong's picture

I can't sit still if I'm really into the music. Yeah, I do it at a concert, but I'd rather not.

Mikolaj Dunaj's picture

It doesn't matter what do you sit on as long as you feel comfortable

Gary W.'s picture

A couch, but it is uncomfortable. One day I'll find something comfortable that my wife will like too. I'll enjoy my system even more then.

R Willis's picture

I move my lazy-boys outta the way when listening. Overstuffed, high back chairs ruin the room ambience.

Keith Myers's picture

I try to sit up straight, and also use a pillow to raise myself as far as possible to keep my ears from being occluded by the high back of the La-Z-Boy recliner. I wish I could take a saw to the back of the chair and reduce its height by about 3 inches.

David V.'s picture

Bean-bag chairs are the ONLY way to go. If you're interested in supreme comfort, nothing approaches the bean bag. It is comparable to sitting on an oversized hacky-sack. The rustling within adds to my music enjoyment. I also have no high back to block the rear wall reflections that I find so invigorating in my sessions. All hail the bean bag, the greatest gift to listening since the birth of the Bee Gees. (rustle rustle) Ahhhhh, comfy! . . . more than a woman . . .

John S.'s picture

A couch because I don't have a dedicated room...yet!

harry martin's picture

it's the only chair comfortable enough for long-term serious listening.

Howard Strader's picture

Who thinks up these dumb questions?