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What is the correct extension cable for my set up? (6.3 mm)

I use a pair of sennheiser hd-25 headphones, which has a 3.5 mm jack, and also a screw on 6.3 mm jack. The original cord isn't long enough to reach my computer, so currently I use some cheap extender from amazon that also uses a male 3.5 mm to plug into my computer. I am currently using a
Sound Blaster Z sound card, but I plan on purchasing the new
EVGA Nu Audio card, which utilizes a 6.3 mm output.
What I would appreciate help on, is suggestions and/or information on what type of extension cable to purchase, that would not worsen or degrade the audio quality.

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extension cable

I would get a long enough cable with a female 3.5 mm jack at one end and a 3.5 mm plug at the other end. You can still use the screw-on adaptor to go to the 6.3 mm jack into your new audio card. To reduce losses through the cable and not increase the impedance much, get the wire gauge for the extension cable to be a lower number (larger diameter wire) than your existing headphone cable.

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