What chair/couch/other (make & model) is great for listening?

What chair/couch/other (make & model) is great for listening?
My chair is
54% (58 votes)
My couch is
32% (35 votes)
I use a
12% (13 votes)
No comment
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 108

Reader dBruce wants to know where do you sit, lie, or hang when listening? What chair/couch (make & model) is great for listening?

Douglas Bowker's picture

My chair is a leather easy from Crate and Barrel—very comfortable, but not so mushy that you fall asleep. Good for reading, too.

Bill Lollis's picture

A cheap leather desk chair with adjustable height and rollers. Makes it easy to adjust to sweet spot for different speakers.

macksman's picture

It's one of those Ekorness leather swivel recliners placed in a relative near-field in a relatively big room. They advertise "stressless" and for about 20 years it is when the music gets right and the room's quiet. Comfort is good. Sometimes I listen standing at 15' behind the chair, enjoying the perspective change.

James C.  Morrison's picture

A Queen Anne recliner.

M Pearson's picture

Eames lounge chair. True classic at perfect listening height.

Clarke R.'s picture

Ikea Poäng - the best budget audio accessory ever!

oh well's picture

Something I sit on.

L.  Britja, La Jolla, CA's picture

So long as I hit the all important sweet spot, it doesn't matter if I'm hanging by my toe nails.

Paul's picture

An Ikea Poang (sp?) with foot rest. Most comfortable chair under $2000 I've ever sat on. It is also my movie watching chair (I don't have the luxury of separate rooms for audio and video—if I did, I'd have two of these chairs). I've placed my speakers in as close to an ITU placement as possible around the chair and the sound is (relative to the quality of my gear) fantastic. I don't think I'll go without such a chair as long as they are available. Mine is almost 8 years old and is as comfortable as when new. Best $225 (chair and footrest and cushions—interchangeable) I've spent on a listening/viewing chair.

DMC's picture

Stickley Leopold Chair—which has a high back but is ooohhhh so comfortable.

Larry(Poor audiophile)'s picture

Soft rocker type of chair. Sometimes I fall asleep while listening!

OvenMaster's picture

Ikea "Kimsta" easy chair from 1989. Wood, steel, foam rubber, canvas... and no numb rear end after hours of listening.

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S.  Chapman's picture

I know this is unacceptable behavior in audiophile-dom, but usually I sit on a couch that's not in the sweet spot, because that's where I have the best light for reading. (Also, my cat has room to sleep next to me.)

Joe Hartmann's picture

I do most of my listening in a mission style chair which can recline. It is big and lets me find the best sweet spot for each recording.

Kush's picture

Eames Ottoman and Lounge chair.

Tim Simpson's picture

I use a Puang from Ikea. Great chair for little money.

Scott C.'s picture

I sit in a Ekornes Admiral. It comes with a separate ottoman and can be adjusted to any angle. In addition, the headrest can be moved up and down, as well as tilted forward and back. True bliss!

Leo A.'s picture

A glider that's about the size of a love-seat and a leather foot-stool.

SK's picture

The sweet spot on my settee— when i used to have the time. These days its mostly under the shower.

Adam's picture

Critical listening is done from the sweet spot: the center seat of the couch. But a lot of listening is done from other seats.

Harry's picture

Lazy Boy: Harvey.

Jim G.'s picture

Eames Chair my family gave me for Fathers day about 10 years ago.

JIMbo's picture

Ekornes stressless ambassador recliner. Though at times too comfy and you will doze off and miss the music.

John's picture

Ekorness Stressless Recliner and Ottoman.

Brankin's picture

La-Z-Boy leather, upgraded from fabric, but no mods.

Faizan Haq's picture

i sit up on my bed

Kenneth Cheong's picture

A La-Z-Boy. Great for listening and relaxing after a hard day at work.

Perry's picture

I have a high-back suede office chair that I bought especially for listening.

Nik from Chicago's picture

A combination of two things. Usually I sit in my computer chair, because it has wheels and when I'm lazy I roll over to my PC and back to the my sound bubble. I live in a studio apt so I also lie on my bed and have placed extra rear surrounds for watching DVDs. I prefer the chair, though.