What is the best name you've ever seen for an audio company and why?

What is the best name you've ever seen for an audio company and why?
Here it is
74% (72 votes)
Can't think of one
26% (25 votes)
Total votes: 97

Reader Jeff Nobe is wondering what our readers consider the best name ever used for an audio company and why?

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SoundCraftsman:even though a lot of audiophiles didn't like their sound. I think it was a great audiophile name.

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The Verendus Noctis Cantus Apparati Co. Their products: 1) Epiphany Subscriptio Preamplifier Marco IX, 2) Magna Epidurean Acernus Pedis, 3) Resurrection Valvula Vitale Hybrid Amplifier Typo A, 4) Eucharisti Castimonia Firma Amplifier, and 5) Noctis Cantus Funii cables and interconnects. And the monks will throw in a couple of bottles of their own old liqueur with each purchase.

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Heathkit. They delivered good sound to lots of grateful ear racks.

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I like the brands of my gear: Now Hear This (NHT), Audience, Totem, and Outlaw Audio. The names are not the reason I purchased from them, but I like the idea that all are kinda evocative.

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Krell, the name encompasses all that is the high-end; incredible build, limitless power, and stratospheric pricing.

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Lirpa Labs because they invented a remote control that could locate your missing remote control.

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Dolby. Classic!

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Shunyata Research. Simply awesome.

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Sonic Frontiers

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Lavardin, why? because it says it all....

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Boulder. Look at their equipment. Their amps are boulder sized! Plus, they are located in the city.

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Mark Levinson

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Now Hear This

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There are quite a few. There are some shockers, too.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Naim and Musical Fidelity get my vote for good names. And for bad names—don't get me started!

Hal's picture

Sonic Frontiers. Kinda says it all!

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I can think of various names for different reasons, like NHT (Now Hear This) short and easy. Okki Nokki, sounds like food and VooDoo Cables, think about zombies. There are more, for sure.

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Naim, because you're nobody without a naim.

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Quicksilver Audio

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McIntosh wins by far. Not only is it a last name, which for high-end is crucial because it carries an old, forgotten essence of ones' work and ones' word into the product, but it embodies new-world pioneering ideas with old-world heritage and quality. No matter how good a name is, if it is detached from the person designing/building/selling it, eventually it wears thin. In this industry, where we want to know everything about the people behind the products, it is always a good idea to put your name in the faceplate, thus making yourself responsible for everything that happens with that product. You are basically signing it, and that is the strongest statement of your word given.

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HJ Leak

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Ok this is the most excellent name for Audio Gear. It will project that it is the pinnacle of audio technology, it will instill in the minds of prospective buyers that they have arrived. This new name will not have to earn a reputation such as Audio Research or McIntosh over years of marketing. This name on any store moniker will tell the shopper that he has found the classiest high end audio store in the state. And that name is....wait can't tell you until I get it patented.

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Boulder. I am in no way affiliated with this company.

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Krell. It portrays power, strength, weight, and a sense of being unique. All without having any real foundation in any language that I know of. And then there is “Watt-Puppy”... Huh ?

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Krell, because it evokes power.