What audio format did you spend the most money on in the last few months? Why?

What audio format did you spend the most money on in the last few months? Why?
33% (55 votes)
45% (76 votes)
8% (13 votes)
1% (2 votes)
4% (7 votes)
Live Music (okay not really a format)
3% (5 votes)
4% (6 votes)
2% (4 votes)
Total votes: 168

CD sales are clearly in a slump, SACD and DVD-A are down for the count, a few downloads are just starting to sound decent (Linn for example), and the LP keeps chugging along. What audio format did you spend the most money on in the last few months? Why?

craig's picture

Nothing in the last few months, but when I do buy it is CDs.

Ray Milewski's picture

I just bought my first record player and am loving it.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

CDs are still the most availible and I can choose between different recordings, labels and artists. Those hardware gadgets/recordings just aren't up to my audiophile standadrs yet.

Joecool's picture

While SACDs offer superior sound quality to CDs, selections, while increasing at a slow rate are still rare in the market. Around 1/2 the price of SACDs, with today's technologies, CD's sounds amazing, and being cheaper, we are able to explore more music, making this a no-brainer! Long live CDs!

Miguel Pais's picture

I like it and found a few nice records; I like to hear in multichannel.

Robert's picture

Sounds better than CD.

Erik Bobeda's picture

Vinyl is king, but it's just a lot of old plastic when you don't have a turntable (yet).

Chris Ringwood's picture

Never gave up my turntable but had to wait three years for local stores to start selling vinyl...now they do and the silver discs languish!

René's picture

I went to a few show this summer where I bought the artists CDs.My experiences with computers are not a selling point for downloading music, I don't want to transfer my music collection every other year when my computer is made obsolete or a major crash locks my music in cyberspace.

Steve's picture

The summer festival season is always expensive for me

Jim G.'s picture

I spent $3500 on a CD player. To my ears it sounds as good as any turntable I have ever had access to

Jeff's picture

It's what I like - I'm very satisfied with the format.

Aden's picture

SACD - It sounds the best (yes, better than vinyl) and it is easily copyable onto my iPod and Squeezebox for use in the car, train, etc.

jett driver's picture

Bluray movies mostly.

mark's picture

becouse ime vested with cd and at this point im not interested in crappy downloads. i slso just bought a new hi end player

dw's picture

At least 80% is spent on vinyl. I never saw any reason to give up on vinyl. Now that more titles are available I think it's important to continue to support it.

Charlie be Wise's picture

For the love of vinyl, and all the related equipment.

Macksman's picture

Vinyl, by a wide margin. One reason is that unit cost is higher than CD. An advantage of living in a city is the easy availability of a good selection of new releases on vinyl and then of course there's on-line and catalog orders. Of course, it sounds really great.

John Butler's picture

Bought a Primare CD31 CD player for its outstanding sound quality.

Mike Cunningham's picture

I have spent money on subscription internet streaming.

Tom Warren's picture

I spent the most money on vinyl hands down. There are so many wonderful re-issues coming out, not to mention new selections in the indie rock / pop genre, including major labels that this has been all that has interested me.

Steve Harper's picture

I spent more on CDs but I probably downloaded (in terms of music minutes) more music in MP3 and FLAC format. But then downloads are cheaper. I buy CDs for the sound quality. I can play SACD on my home theater but I prefer to listen to my stereo setup, which isn't SACD capable.

JRW's picture

It sounds best!!

Remember Betamax?'s picture

I pick SACD over CD if I have an option as it is clearly superior. But ofter (forced to) listen in CD format. It takes a lot more money and time and effort to get a steady pitch, low noise, low distortion etc. etc. out of vinyl than out of CD/SACD. MP3 and the other lossy crap can die tomorrow as far as I am concerned. Live music? Vastly overrated sonically, emotionally it's another story.

TL's picture

Not as many as I used to buy, but CD is still my only source of music. I listen to discs over and over again, and then digitize my favorite tracks; this way I can listen to my music library any way I want without skipping a song. As long as CDs are still being produced, I won’t buy music from any of the commercial download services; and I don’t go to file-sharing sites for lo-fi MP3s either.

Dennis Watts's picture

No doubt about it: CDs. Used ones. New ones are not worth the cost.

Mike's picture

Probably 50/50 vinyl to CD. I've picked up 30 some Blue Note CDs from BMG Music for less than $7 eac including shipping. Can't beat that!

Ivan Gallego's picture

Vinyl is far better than CD for classical music reproduction. Instrument timbres are more realistic and dynamic nuances are simply superb. On the other hand, digital distortion of CD makes quiet passages of symphonic works sound horrible. You don’t believe it? Compare a piano concerto in vinyl and CD and you will wonder where the high frequency harmonics have gone in the digital format.

Kent Maclagan's picture

I listen to my music on my PC and other digital sources. I've got a -cherished- eMusic subscription and am generally satisfied with high-quality MP3 tracks. The SACD (got me for a while) and DVD-A format war debacle brought more quickly the death of physical musical media.

Geordy Duncan's picture

Vinyl. SACD is only good for classical now and considering what we have for choices on new CD's, it only makes sense to upgrade or invest in a new analog rig. The choices on audiophile vinyl get better by the day...still, by far, the best way to listen to music.