What audio equipment are you looking for right now?

Some audiophiles are always looking for something&#151;<I>anything</I>&#151;to upgrade. Anything on your list?

What audio equipment are you looking for right now?
11% (38 votes)
SACD and/or DVD-Audio playback
18% (66 votes)
CD playback
6% (22 votes)
9% (31 votes)
9% (34 votes)
18% (65 votes)
6% (22 votes)
Equipment rack/stands
1% (5 votes)
Headphone equipment
2% (7 votes)
Hard disc-based equipment
3% (9 votes)
8% (29 votes)
9% (32 votes)
Total votes: 360

DaveL's picture

I'll definitely want to look at new SACD players later this year, but I can only afford to do so if I'm looking for nothing *right*now* ;)

Tom Warren's picture

I haven't had any spare money in a while. If I did, I would look for a combo SACD/upsampling CD player. Digital is the most neglected area of my system.

Daniel Emerson's picture

I'm feeling very lonely. Sometimes I think I'm the only person left looking for a decent cassette deck. I've just got so many tapes lying around the place and my current (rather antediluvian) deck is more or less limping along, but it sounds terrible. Having recently bought a DAB radio, I'd quite like to record some of the old Goon Shows BBC Radio 7 broadcasts every Monday.

Bubba in SF's picture

I'm interested in Pinnacle's Clean + to add to my computer. I like the ability to convert my old LPs into CDs and clean them up in the process. The problem is that my computer is upstairs and my turntable and preamp are downstairs. Clean + comes with a preamp, but it is questionable.

Jo&#039;'s picture

Krell FPB750MCX, I probably can afford it 10 years from now... used...

DC in ABQ's picture

I never have to look for audio equipment—it seems to find me! What I need to look for is the money to pay for several equipment upgrades I've already identified. In the meantime, guess I'll just have to be satisfied listening to music on the gear I already have. Life can be so tough . . . .

Travis Klersy's picture

I have my eye on some new speaker cables and, later on, speakers. I am also doing some long-term thinking about my analog rig. All of this must wait, however, until I recover from the new integrated purchase. And then there is the constant stream of additions to my music library . . . .

Tony P.,NY's picture

Want either upgrade my virgo's or add a sub woofer for better bass

Al Marcy's picture

Never too many speakers in my room :)

Dave's picture

The greatest thing to happen to music in the last decade is Digital Satellite Radio—it has renewed my interest in music. Bought a radio, but would like to see a home audiophile version with some digital processing that can do for DSR what HDCD did for CD.

Norm Strong's picture

I'm looking for a HD-based recorder that comes with decent microphone preamps and will record a few hours of uncompressed CDDA—omething like the Sony PCM-M1.

Kevin Martin's picture

I make it a point to clean each connection at least three times a year.

Brandon B, Hawaii's picture

If i had the money, I might buy a tube amp, turntable, and SACD player. but right now im happy with what I've got—for the first time since I got into the hobby.

Ralph Perrini, Miami FL's picture

My speakers are almost 10 years old. While they still sound great, it's getting to be time to think replacement!

Louis P.'s picture

My Lyra Lydian phono cartridge is the oldest component in my system, not counting the Linn LP12 it is played on, which I will probably never replace unless I win the lottery (but will eventually get fully upgraded). After that, it will be time for some new cables and power cords and conditioning. At least those can be done incrementally for a moderate outlay at each step.

macksman's picture

My dealer and I agree that a lower-end Koetsu is the most cost-effective (ha!) next move. Soon, I hope for consent from my wife—then, it will just be about money.

Jordan Padgett's picture

The holy grail! My (ridiculously expensive)preamp/processor has only one set of six-channel inputs. I want a very high-quality single disc player that will play all formats—CD, DVD, DVD-A, SACD, MP-3, as well as all of the writeable formats - +,-, whatever—and I want it for $3000 or less. Most of the available high-end players will do one or two of these things well, but drop the ball on others. For example, good CD and SACD, but unrmarkable DVD-A. The Arcam FMJ DV-27 would be the choice, but the DVD-A upgrade is not yet available, and there will be no SACD.

William's picture

I like a more analog-like source, so I am looking for a good SACD now. The top choice is dCS Elgra Plus + Verdi + 992 + ultra high precision clock.

Timothy O.  Driskel's picture

Tweaks,Tweaks,Tweaks from isolation to room acoustics. There is no doubt in my mind that I have very capable gear but am I really getting everything I can out of it? That is and alway's has been the question for me. I really like trying a little DIY when tweaking because prices on pads,pods and spikes have gone boinkers also.

Bring Back Vinyl's picture

I prefer vinyl to any digital source, but I'm ready to knuckle under and buy an SACD player. I just hope I don't have to spend $30,000 to achieve near-vinyl–quality sound. If a new format emerges after I part with my greenbacks, a disgruntled postal worker would pose less of threat to public safety.

JC's picture

Now that the home theater setup is "good enough," it is time to enhance the two-channel audio part. A good preamp with a theater bypass looks like the right step.

M.Barath's picture

I'm still waiting for the real thing: one cable digital interface for all the new formats.

Javier Santiago-Lucerna, MA's picture

I would like to buy an SACD player, but afraid that I don;t have the bucks to get something goodworthy. So, I'll probably wait some more.

Mike Ramey's picture

preamp, & phonostage

Anonymous's picture

I would like new speakers but the process of looking let alone paying for a new set scares me to death.

Bill R.'s picture


David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I've had the old Thorens for a quarter century now, and it still soldiers along. But it is aging, the dust cover died long ago, and Planet Rega approaches conjunction.

tony esporma's picture

PC audio cards.

Gerald Neily's picture

I'm getting ready to buy my third DVD player in three years. The lifespan of the JVC and Samsung players I've had was terribly short. This time I'm going to buy a cheapie throwaway—probably Toshiba or Sony, which are the only brands I know that make real cheap ones that are not yet on my blacklist. That means no DVD-A this time. I mainly want to listen to concert DVDs in Dolby Digital (like the fab new Led Zep DVD set) rather than DVD-A. Since I bought my last DVD-A player, I purchased a Sony XA-777ES SACD player so I've passed the fork in the hi-rez audio road.

Lisa Quebman's picture

Looks like SACD might make it after all. I am looking for an SACD player that sounds good.